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i’m leaving . . .

hello my friends!! i decided last minute that today’s post is going to be a bit off the cuff. we’re gonna be real chill and homey and whatnot. so, *sits criss-cross applesauce on the floor* hi. come join the circle.

this paticular post has been creeping up on me for the past few weeks and, let me be honest — i really, really didn’t want to have to write this. i don’t want to have to do this. let me cut to the chase:

i’m leaving.

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8 (more) bookworm stereotypes // ft the infamous SURVEY™ (GIVEAWAY WINNER)

We’re back at it, guys. Stereotypes, volume 2.

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post called ‘8 Writer & Bookish Stereotypes.’ To be blunt, it was terrible. Awful. It deserves to be buried under my TBR, because we all know once you’re at the bottom of the TBR pile, you’re never coming back. You catch my drift.

However, the number of bookish stereotypes is much greater than eight, and it’d be a shame not to take advantage of that fact. So, here we are with eight more bookish stereotypes, plus another bookish survey to debunk or approve the common assumptions. Also included at the end of today’s post is the winner of our A Thousand Perfect Notes giveaway, so let’s jump right into the stereotypes!

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how to start your blog off RIGHT // EVERYTHING you need to know to start your blogging career !!


Starting a blog brings up a string of questions. What’s the best site to host your blog? How do you make it look nice? Where do you even begin??

I’ve had my fair share of rifling through Google pages, looking for articles that’ll answer all those questions and more. It’s time-consuming, it’s exhausting, and more often than not, you magically end up scrolling through Pinterest* instead of doing research. Oops. Wonder how that happened?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That being said, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and a little LOT frustrated when starting a blog. But I’m here to welcome you to the crazy-awesome world of blogging and equip you with the five steps to starting your own site! What are we waiting for; let’s make the blog of your dreams!

*or, in my case, rewatching old ninjago episodes 😭

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REVIEW: a thousand perfect notes by c.g. drews // more like a hundred perfect pages amiright?? (GIVEAWAY)

There are some books that grab you by the shoulders and never let you go.

Today, I present to you one of those books: A Thousand Perfect Notes by C. G Drews. While I’m about 923982784 years late to the party, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to fangirl about my kids Beck and Joey and scream ‘READ IT’ from the rooftop. Not like I don’t do that already. *guilty coughing*

Why am I so enthusiastic about this book?? Well, here is the Quick Summary Of Why I Am Obsessed With This Book™ — music, sad bois, CAKE, brilliant writing, and the fact that it will crush your heart, soul, and all hopes of finishing your TBR. Because you will reread immediately, and not regret a minute of it.

SO. With all that being said, I think it’s time to review the book! Per usual, there are no spoilers here, so don’t worry if you haven’t read the book quite yet. Let’s get to it!

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5 PRICELESS SKILLS i’ve learned thru blogging // why blogging is worth the effort in the long run !!

I’ve been blogging for almost two years. Yes, I am that experienced. Fear me.

It has been quite the journey, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it has completely changed the direction of my life. Sometimes, I have to stop and catch my breath because, wow. I love it too much for words.

That being said, I’ve learned a thing or two in my extensive time here on the blogosphere, and not just about SEO or making a fun post. There are actually quite a few skills I’ve learned from this little blog that have been beneficial… in real life. Yes, the spooky dimension in which you must speak instead of typing. That real life.

I get a lot of questions asking if starting a blog is really worth it, if the payoff is worth the struggle, so today I’m happy to show you a few ways blogging has helped me out! Hopefully, anyone questioning starting their own blog will be convinced to take the leap and go for it. Let’s get started!

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wonderstruck tag // ft. t swift, bookish outrage, and the REAL reason why i ship jaya

I donno about you, but I’m feeling BOOKISH WOOO

Now that I’ve grabbed your attention with that totally-not-stolen lyric, let me enlighten you with an Abby Franklin Fun Fact™: I happen to be a Swiftie. As in, a Taylor Swift fan. As in, the most popular musician of the twenty-first century.


Fite me, m8.

Now, this isn’t a fact I’d bring up without the genius of Miss Olivia from Purely Olivia. This lovely soul of a blogger combined two of my favorite things — books and music — to make the Wonderstruck Tag! Basically, we’re going to take prompts from some of Taylor’s greatest hits and highlight our favorite (and least favorite 😳) books.

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the BLOGGER BOX // writing motivation + candy, yes please

Here’s a question: do you ever find yourself completely, utterly done with blogging? Cuz I do.

It’s a little LOT overwhelming. How one person can balance comments, posts, and social media all at one time… it baffles me, and I’M THE ONE WHO DOES IT. Idk man. It’s trippy.

There have been soooo many days when I just want to abandon blogging forever and spend my days in a cave full of pudding cups, blankets, and a never-ending Ninjago marathon (that wouldn’t be all too bad, actually). But, more often than not, all I need is a little motivation. Which is where The Blogger Box comes in.

A few weeks ago, The Blogger Box sent me one of their amazing blogging subscription boxes to review and BOY DID I FLIP OUT. It’s full of fun blogging goodies that made me want to write a bazillion blog posts on the spot.  I have the honor of showing you what my box included plus a review on the box itself. Let’s get started!

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