Welcome to When Words Fly!

Well, this is it! When Words Fly! It feels like it’s been forever and no time at all since I began blogging in the first place. Which, you know, doesn’t make any sense, but, hey, that’s how it feels!

So, I suppose it’s time for acknowledgements!


Industrial-size chocolate bars to the amazing people who helped out with launching this blog:

Bella @ The Daydreaming Damsel

Nicole @ Wild Pennings

Bethany @ Behind The Pen

Annie @ Musings Of A Teen Girl’s Mind

Evelyn @ A Country Girl’s Writing

Zach @ Zach Philip

Julia @ Julia’s Creative Corner

Ellie @ Hope In Full

And I can’t forget the people who helped with checking out the place before we opened! Kaylan, Alyce, Olivia, Light4theLord, and Charis. If I forgot any of you, I’m sorry. I’ll email you pictures of brownies.

And, finally, to you – the person reading this right now – thanks being here! Every comment, like, and follow makes me smile. So, from me to you….

thank you!!



5 thoughts on “Welcome to When Words Fly!”

  1. Hey, just found your blog through AAWC! Your site is gorgeous, I love it so much! I’m also on team Summer, so I thought I’d say hi 😉


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