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My 2018 Goals (That I’ll Probably Fail At But Will Try Anyway!!)

(I almost published this at 11pm not 11am whoops)

Is it just me, or does anyone else kind of miss the holiday season?

It always seems like, the day I get accustomed to all the Christmas décor and the smell of wintery candles no longer overwhelms me, it’s time to put the tree away and store all the boxes back into the attic.

It’s… kind of depressing?

But now that’s it’s 2018, it’s time to set some goals for this year! I’ve been thinking about this since November, since I’m a very goal-oriented person, and decided to be very unoriginal try and inspire you to get out a pen and make some of your own. So, let’s get to it!


writing goals!

Be published elsewhere because I’m stubborn and didn’t do it last year. Also I’m kinda terrified to do it??

(me @ KP submissions)

Finish Skybound. I hope this will be done by March at the earliest, after NaNoWriMo’s Now What months of editing 🙂

Try another round of WriMo… but not NaNoWriMo exclusively! I think I’m going to try my hand at April’s Camp.

Read, read, read. My love for reading skyrocketed after NaNoWriMo for some reason and suddenly, I want all the books.

blogging goals!

500 followers on WWF. I know that’s an insane number, but I wanted to aim really high for motivation.

Do at least 4 collabs/guest posts because they’re so fun to write!! Plus you make friends and it’s awesome and wow!

Start taking my own pictures for graphics, because I keep seeing Canva users all over the place and have paranoia that I’ll make a graphic just like someone else’s. Which isn’t likely, but still. Scary.

Be a good blogger and plan my posts which, surprise, I’m already doing!! I’ve already got post ideas for April, which means… I’m ahead of the game.


life goals!

Come out of my shell more because I’ve been told that I ‘exclude myself’ when I really just like watching people rather than being with them. It’s kind of annoying when someone sees me watching them and is like “Get over here Abby! You need to be included.” So this year I’m putting a stop to it by being ‘included.’

Do physical activity. I don’t have any extracurricular activities that involve moving so my day mostly consists of sitting at a computer. Since I’ve decided that’s not extremely healthy for multiple reasons, I had to find something to do.

That’s when I got the wonderful idea to stream Ninjago episodes on my iPad while I walk on the treadmill!! So now I can exercise while watching TV! ADMIT IT I’M BRILLIANT GUYS.

Play my guitar in public which I did this Christmas with my sweet children’s choir. But it would be awesome to play in front of an audience. When I get better at it, of course 😉

Try new things. Since I started blogging, I’ve been intrigued by photography. I did a snow photoshoot on 360* a while back, and took a lot of pictures at a workshop. The featured image for this post is one of them. It’s a cute little barn awww!


before you go, here’s a little new year’s present…


I know there are music lovers in the audience so I wanted to give you a sort of late  New Year’s gift and recommend some great music!

My friend & fellow Y-Dubber Mia Buckley released her EP, originals., on Monday. I’ve been listening non-stop and ohmygoodness these songs give me the feels. My favorites are Walls and Secondhand People! You can listen pretty much everywhere (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora etc.)


You can tell me about your 2018 goals (even if you’ve already told 5 other bloggers – I know how that is) but I’m *really* interested in knowing what new things you’re going to try! Anyone else trying photography? Or walking on the treadmill with Ninjago?? That’ll be fun.


15 thoughts on “My 2018 Goals (That I’ll Probably Fail At But Will Try Anyway!!)”

  1. Wow, you really ARE a genius! 😂
    Every year, I’ve always set goals. Every. Year. But for some reason, this year, I just haven’t really set any? Weird.


  2. Your writing goals are basically the same as mine, though I doubt I’ll actually accomplish any of them. Besides Camp Nano in April, which I’m determined to finish my book during. Good luck on your goals, and may 2018 be a productive year for both of us.


  3. Nice goals, Abby! I never set resolutions/goals like that at the start of the year. But, I started doing some things this last year I want to continue in 2018. BOOKS, you can never read or have enough of them!! Planning on reading a TON this year, including listening to audiobooks. Also, exercise! I actually have a Wii Fit, so I can walk around the house (or walk in place while watching a movie), and get my exercise indoors. Writing! I’m also planning on participating in both NaNoWriMo Camps. 😀 Happy New Year, Abby!


    1. YES LET’S GET ALL THE BOOKS. Audible is amaaazing!! Look at you, you don’t even need a treadmill to exercise (like a certain somebody)! Camp is going to be awesome this year, I can’t wait to go at it again! Did you finish regular NaNo? I think I remember you do it but I’m not 100% sure??

      HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO! You’re awesome Ruth ❤


      1. Yes, I’ve won NaNoWriMo the last three years, and participated in the camps too, it’s so much fun, and the first challenge to really get my writing going. I’m RuthTheRed over there :), so feel free to add me as a writing buddy if you want to. About the books, we have so many in our house, that the last time we moved, everyone who helped us told we were NOT allowed to buy any more books XD… that didn’t last long! We keep finding library book sales where they sell paperbacks for 50c and hardbacks for $1, and we walk out with bagfuls of books. Oh yeah! 😀 😀 😀


      2. WOAH THREE YEARS WOWIEE. That takes guts!

        I think I have added you already but not 100% sure… I checked and we are already buddies!

        Oh my goodness it’s like you have your own library!! That sounds awesome


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