My Long TBR List (Please Help I’m Drowning In Expectations)

*there’s a big announcement at the bottom of this post 😉 *

I like books.

Just kidding. I don’t like books. I love books.

Can’t get enough of them. Give me a good book and I’m entertained the whole time that it takes to read. And most of the time I will not leave my room until I’ve finished the whole thing. You guys get me.

But then… I need more books. Good thing we bookies have the glorious To-Be-Read list. That is, until you realize just exactly how many books are on there. And then you have to pick which one out of dozens to read. And then every time you finish one book another 3 are added to the list???

This does not compute!!


Thankfully there’s this thing called ‘my blog’ where there are people who like reading and writing (haha that’s you guys) and can sympathize. And weep. And all the other things because we’re all bookies and have 20 piles of books to read.

help these TBR’s are drowning meee


the harry potter series

harry potter

I’ve seen the movies but not read the books. I know, I’m a bad bookworm.

But please don’t kill me guys, it’s not my fault! The library didn’t have the first book so I couldn’t read them in order and yet I watched the last HP movie first ahaha.


the selection series

the selection

I’ve heard this is a really good series, and plus I already read Siren and thought it was really good. I liked the bittersweet ending and the element of fantasy vs contemporary so I hope that’s a factor in all of these books.

everything joan bauer

hope was here

JOAN BAUER IS THE YA CONTEMPORARY QUEEN. I keep finding new Joan Bauer books online but the library doesn’t carry them???? I don’t know that just makes me sad.

all the WWII books

when hitler stole

Ok so I have a weird obsession with World War 2 books for some reason? School reading this for next year is all World War II stuff and I took and read all of them already so there are no more books for mee 😦

the hunger games series

the hunger games

Another admission – I haven’t read the Hunger Games, but I’ve seen (AND ABSOLUTELY LOVED) the movies.

This is a trend with me.

maze runner series

maze runner


Finally, books I haven’t seen the movie for! I think it’s sort of like the Hunger Games I’m not sure?? But it sounds really interesting and I would love to read it, especially with that new movie coming out.

the shakespeare stealer series

shakespeare stealer

I LOVE WIDGE SO MUCH ASDFGHJKLLL???!! I actually based the plot of Playwright on this book so I read it all the time and I still love it. WELL GUESS WHAT ITS A SERIES *explodes from excitement*

By now you’re probably wondering what the promised announcement at the beginning of the post was. If you just scrolled all the way down here, what are you doing go back and read the post!! I made it at least sort of short to appease you. I’ve been planning this since November and that makes it a pretty big honkin’ deal.

One of the things I love to do (besides watching Ninjago, eating potatoes, looking at cats, etc) is ORGANIZING.

Whenever we think about organization, we usually think OMG CHORES RUN FOR IT because that’s pretty much what society has labeled it as. What people don’t understand is that organizing can be a great way to have fun and be super productive at the same time!! But how exactly do you have fun cleaning up a desk or deleting files on your phone??

Great questions! They’re the reason why I’m writing a series of posts called….



(thanks @ charis rae for letting me use that hashtag since i’m utterly clueless when it comes to creative post names)

Every Thursday in February, I’ll be posting about organization, specifically in places that bloggers and writers tend to struggle to keep up with AND STILL HAVE FUN DOING THEM YAY. That includes-

  • desk spaces
  • documents
  • emails
  • important papers
  • planners/bullet journals
  • blog posts & tasks

and most importantly,

  • time management (’cause I’m classy 😉 )

I’m so excited for this series like fkssdkjakh !!!! I DONT KNOW HOW TO END THIS POST EXCEPT I LOVE YOU GUYS hgfddfghjkl


Pull out your TBR list (or, you know, your mental one,) and tell me a few books or series you want to read this year! Do you want to read or have read some on my list?? because haha we should make a group reading thing or something!!


31 thoughts on “My Long TBR List (Please Help I’m Drowning In Expectations)”

    IDK! XDD
    Jk, I do want to read a few Christian teenager girls’ books and the AIO Official Guide (which I need to buy soon but it’s a little bit EXPENSIVE)


      1. Ooh I’ve never heard of that! Sadie Robertson has a fiction book called Life Just Got Real that’s pretty good if you’d like suggestions, but there’s insta-romance and the writing is more for 10 thru 13-year-olds so it was confusing. Umm some more suggestions are When Calls the Heart (more insta-love but interesting) and Robot Wars series (science fiction but actually really good).

        Liked by 1 person

    1. wipes sweat phew I was looking for somewhere to email you but with my new computer I don’t have your contact info?? rip me

      AAAAANYWAY I know you wanted to read Skybound but I’m making a small group of alpha readers of a different fanfiction project which is a Hunger Games and Ninjago crossover. I was wondering if you were interested!! idk if you’ve seen THG or not but it’s got Ninjago and I guess you would like that?? there are all the characters and conflicts of the Ninja and the world of THG so it’s not like you need to be an expert on both…

      I don’t know what I’m saying haha.

      But if you want to alpha I would love to have you!! No pressure, it’s 100% ok if you’re busy or just don’t want to, just comment back anytime.


  2. Haha, don’t worry, I saw all the HP books after I saw the movies. Four times over. I still like the movies better still. XP Oh, I loooooooove Joan Bauer’s books! I mean, I’ve only read one, but it’s brilliant, and I have another one, so I’m assuming the rest are just as good. XD If you’re interested in WWII books, I suggest Salt to the Sea or I am David. Those are tear-jerkers. 😉 I read The Shakespeare Stealer when I was younger and I’ve known it’s a series forever but somehow it’s still on my TBR. XD Seriously, I’m drowning in paper.
    Oh, and organizing is my life! I organize my family’s computer files at least once a week, and I may be the only one in my family who enjoys it. The only issue is they hate how I organize…oops. XD Can’t wait to read the first post in the series!!


    1. WHEW I’m not the only one! haha! I love the movies too, there’s just something magical about them, pun intended 😉

      I AM DAVID YES that book just about killed me!! 1000% going to look up Salt to the Sea 😀

      Wasn’t it awesome?? I love Widge and Julia so much I’m so excited to see more of them 🙂

      YAY THAT’S AWESOME! I was a little worried people wouldn’t like it so this really makes me happy! Ha you sound like me and my mom, we literally organize everything in the house at least once a month xD

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  3. DUDE FIRST OF ALL we should have a blogger hangouts group book club and SECOND OF ALL OMW ORGANIZING!!! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who hyper-sorts every file on my computer into the most specific of folders. Glory Hallelujah for this post!!!!!!!!❤❤❤😋


    1. That would be super fun?!?! but I’m a little nervous we would explode everyone’s notifications xD

      ORGANIZING!!! and oml I’ve never ever heard anyone say ‘glory hallelujah’ on the internet, that’s amazing! 😉


  4. BOOKS are life!!! Well, okay, the BIBLE is, and everything else is just a bonus feature. But, some pretty sweet bonus features!! ((And some easter eggs too! Gotta extend these metaphors for all they’re worth ya know)) My sister and I are having “book races” this year, to see how many books we can read! Our lists are growing faster than we are reading, but I’m still going for it. I have about 70-odd books on there right now, and I’ve finished about seven so far (some of them are audiobooks, please don’t hate me). I’m trying to read (with my eyeballs) as many books as I can, and listen to the ones I can’t afford or find in the library (lol). I’m looking forward to re-reading some of my new favorites. If you like fairy tale retelling-esque books with originality and fun characters –> The Half Upon A Time books are epic! Also Storybound and it’s sequel Story’s End, are awesome! They are one my list, and on my bedroom bookshelf. Redwall Redwall Redwall, can’t re-read those books enough, so I am! I’m currently reading Martin the Warrior to my sister, but I’m up to Outcast of Redwall, and going straight on through the whole series (I started that personal challenge last year). Then, then, then, I read my very first Dear America book :O :O :O, how did I not read any of these until now???? Really fun historical fiction, and as fictional diary entries, which is brilliant! I LOVE journalling, so I can instantly relate to these stories, and plan to read a whole slew of them soon. Mwahahaha! I’m on the fourth book of the Mysterious Benedict Society series, a modern-day classic with fun characters and delightfully dangerous mysteries! I’m also over half-way through Return of the King, and can’t believe it took me sooooooo many years to read these books for myself (tears!). We listened to them as kids, and I know the stories, but it’s not the same until you read it for yourself. End wall of text (but you know I got more, and could ramble all day!!) Real end of wall of text (lol)

    JK! I’m also excited for this Organizational business, because it’s scary stuff and I really need it to function!! Bring it on, Abby!



      haha i know, the ever-growing list is crazy!! and nonono audiobooks are great!! Will have to see if i can find Half Upon a Time, I love retellings :))

      REDWALL IM SO EXCITED TO READ IT ASDFGHJKL!!! thats been on my tbr foreeever!

      you weren’t kidding about all your tbrs 😳

      YES!! THANKS! ☀️☀️


  5. OH MY I was literally screaming as I read this post! Get ready for a very ranty comment. 😉

    EEP Harry Potter is fabulous! I can’t wait to hear more about what you think of it. The movies are honestly the best book-to-movie adaptations I have ever seen, but the story you get from the books is still at least 100,000 times better.
    I also love love love The Selection! (I thought the Siren was amazing, too.) The love triangle in Selection… tears goes to find Selection to reread right now
    All Joan Bauer’s books are so amazing! My school library had a lot, and I just kept reading them one after another haha. Also, can we admire all the covers??
    YES to reading the Hunger Games! I’m the opposite of you- I’ve read the books, but haven’t seen the movies.
    And finallly, I’m so excited for your organization series! I love organization, it’s kind of my guilty pleasure haha. I can’t wait for posts!

    Sorry for this very long comment, haha. But wonderful post!💞


    1. HARRY POTTERRRR!!! Yes the film adaption is AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL and at least 20 other words that don’t do it full justice!! Plus Harry is just perfection I love him gahaha

      OK THANKS!! I’m like 20x more excited to read that now!! I LOVE TRIANGLES MUAHA

      JOAN BAUER YAAY!! Her covers are always beautiful 🙂 I especially like Hope Was Here’s (obviously, it’s the picture I used hehe) and can we just agree HOPE WAS HERE IS MADE OF FEELS

      The movies are really good, especially the first two. Of course I have no reference to the book to make a distinction but you know, it was still awesome 😀

      YAY GREAT!! Ooh yes it’s definitely one of my favorite past times xD

      aWE OLIVIA ❤ You’re the one to thank!!

      Liked by 1 person

    i have fond memories of listening to my sister read that book aloud. she got so involved that she had a mouthfunction between brain and mouth and ended up making widge say a garbled up scottish-irish phrase that sounded more like “pbltbltltb.”
    My tbr is weird. I have Tarzan of the Apes, Great Expetations, A Tale of Two Cities, and The Secret-keepers (trenton lee stewart). I have weird tastes I guess. Dickens is confusing me rn. XD


    1. The SecretKeepers is a great book! I read it a few months ago! We own A Tale of Two Cities, so I might read that too some time. 😀 Yay! You’re sister is awesome. I’ve been reading books out loud to my sister for years, and I get reading too fast all the time, and often garble up words. But, I also love to intentionally read in different accents, or at least give every character their own distinct “voice”. 😀

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  7. AHH HOW DID I MISS THIS?? Sorry, Abby. facedesk

    This post was amazing! I loved reading about your TBR. THG is legit my favorite series ever, and The Maze Runner is pretty good. I stopped reading the Selection after book 1 just because it wasn’t interesting and I wasn’t comfortable with the romance at that age. But I might pick it back up! (My mom knows Kiera Cass, the author, which I think is SO COOL!!)

    Books on my TBR are… Warcross by Marie Lu, Young Elites series by Marie Lu, Harry Potter as well (I’m behind lol), and reread The Hunger Games series. I’m reading Caraval right now which is really good. I’d totally recommend it! 😀


    1. Nahhhh, it’s fine ❤ tbh I’m just excited you’re reading in the first place xD

      Thanks 🙂 THG AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH the dystopian novel of all dystopian novels!! Is TMR sort of like THG? We’re going to watch the movie but I’m really not sure what to expect… yeeahh I get what you’re saying with The Selection. The romance was less romance and more making out the whole time! Not good. :O that’s so cool! Where’d they meet?

      Oooh Warcross sounds awesome! Marie Lu is a big author rn, I’d love to get to reading her books. HP is just… amazing, so definitely read that. ❤


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