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8 Writer & Bookworm Stereotypes (That May Or May Not Be True I’m Not Sure??)

Stereotypes. We talk about them all the time in the writing and blogging world, and that’s mostly because they’re controversial. Should our characters conform to stereotypes? Should writers use stereotypes as bases for characters, even if just in certain circumstances? It’s kinda old, at this point.

WELL HAHA GUESS WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT! *pretends people can’t read the title of the post*

It’s preeety clear that writers and bookworms are stereotyped just as much as our precious characters, and it’s reflected in the media – EVEN IN OUR OWN BOOKS WHY?? And a lot of them aren’t actually true!

But then… some of them are true!

You know what, I’m just going to let the post speak for itself.


we’re all broke & it’s because of books.

Ok. I admit it. We spend a large amount of money on books and journals and pretty mugs (see below). But we don’t spend 100% of our earnings on those things!! We have other things to save for, things like food and gas and going to the movies with friends when you have to pay for your own ticket.

we’re all addicted to coffee/tea (and collecting pretty mugs to put it in).

Coffee. Tea. Both nice, caffeinated drinks good for staying awake on long nights when we’ve got to finish *one last chapter* before bed. I can almost see the fictional author now, sipping on a steaming mug of peppermint tea.

Yeah, well, I hate tea and coffee.

But we do like mugs. They’re nice for holding pens.

writers are actually hermits that never come out of their hidey-holes.

People think writers like to read and write all day and not be social at all because we’re

  1. crying from feels
  2. writing a long rant about some disappointing book


But SUPRISE! Writers are people too! (I know, crazy, right?) Quite a few of us are actually super extroverted and love being around people 24/7.

I personally am not one of those people.

we have cats. everywhere.

I wish. But that is not the case. *siiiiiiiiigh*

we write on typewriters or at least own one.

Are you kidding me?? Those things are expensive! And besides! Where would we put it? We’ve used all our desk space for pretty mugs.

we always have writer’s block.

I see where they get this one – it’s in every Hallmark movie with a writer in it.

we read and/or write 24/7.

Sometimes, people think we read and write literally every second of the day because we bring books or pen and paper everywhere we go. But no. Unfortunately, we have other things to do. Like life. And eating. And procrastinating while we should be writing because that happens a lot more than people expect.

writing isn’t a real career and we’re just dreaming.

I’ve actually had a few people tell me this. I appreciate your concern, but… no.

Writing can be a career – and there’s a lot of proof behind it. Who do you think makes the stories for your favorite movies? And plays? And books?? Like, do you think the stories just appear out of thin air? LOL NO.

And another thing. I wonder how many famous writers have had people label them this way. I bet every upcoming writer in the 21st century has faced some discouragement from another person. And haha this is not okay.

This is the only stereotype I disagree with in all circumstances. If you work hard enough and have a true calling to write, you can do it. YOU WILL DO IT. LETS DO IT!!


Ok guys. This question is so important I made a survey for it. I really wanna know: which stereotypes describe you perfectly…. and which are just absolutely ridiculous??




37 thoughts on “8 Writer & Bookworm Stereotypes (That May Or May Not Be True I’m Not Sure??)”

  1. Man do I ever wish that I had a real typewriter. 😂 That would be so fun! It would both be really pretty on a desk, and cool to write with! 😍


  2. You actually made a survey for it… Impressive. 😂

    This is actually very true. I have tons of cats… but do not own a typewriter (though I wish it were otherwise)… and hate coffee… (and people, in general) I’m not sure what that makes me, but its some sort of conglomeration of stereotypical/NOT-stereotypical weirdo. It’s great.


  3. Okay, we have 2 cats, and 1 stray that lives off of us and spats with our kitties some times. But I WANT a typewriter soooooooo much! Major wish list item! BOOKS are life! I know I’ve said this somewhere before. Right? I guess I do watch some movies, play music, and hang out with my siblings, but never without some form of reading or writing in mind (seriously, these stories are with me all the time, and now I keep applying writing lessons to ALL of my life, it’s awesome). I do get writer’s block a lot, but I move past it much easier now. Should we rename it writer’s roadbump? Hey, how did you know about the mugs thing?? :O I always feel like I’m splurging, but a really good mug is essential, and I pick which one to use each day based on my mood and what I want to write about. #walloftext check!


  4. KITTIESSS!! Maybe it’s an understatement to say writers love cats 😉 Typewriter yeesss! If only they were less expensive and we didn’t spend all our money on books…

    Writing & reading are pretty much a part of living. I don’t know if that just applies to me and you, but that’s definitely what it feels like ❤ there’s always a story begging to be written. xD I have to agree, writer’s roadbump is the better term!

    YES! Mugs must vary depending on your mood and what’s happing in life. My mom has a lot of those Starbucks You Are Here mugs, and I have to choose my mug depending on where I would like to go that day. I have a tendency to pick Arizona, New York City, and Disney World 😉


  5. AHHH I LOVE THIS, ABBY! applauds And I love your survey, which I took. applauds you again

    I fit some of these stereotypes, but not all! Like I don’t like coffee or tea, though I do love hot chocolate in pretty mugs. 😉 Also, I’m more of a dog person than a cat person (though I do like cats!).

    Anddd I have a typewriter, haha. I didn’t actually buy it though, I found it in my grandmother’s closet. Let me tell you, it is very difficult to type on and I much prefer a laptop haha!


    1. bows Thank you, thank you, curtsies

      EEE coffee and tea are gross!! But how dare you, cats are the greatest animals on earth D: xD

      That’s so cool! And I bet; it looks like without a delete button it would be really hard to write without making mistakes. Plus getting ink everywhere… o-o

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my gosh, I’ve wanted a typewriter ever since I was little haha…I feel like it would be so cool to have one! The buying books until you’re broke totally applies to me…oops…Great post!


  7. OH MY GOSH THAT “I hate this place” GIF IS SO ME. I literally quote it all the time that’s legit how I am in social situations so I guess I fit that stereotype 😂😂

    LOVED this post! I’ve seen those stereotypes a lot and I’m just like DAZ NOT ME BRO. Voting on the poll was super duper fun I don’t know why 😂


  8. I do have a typewriter… but its an old junky thing we got for free XD. The ink ribbon in inkless and the letters barely show up.

    But, sigh I do wish I had at least one cat XC


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