#OrganizeYourWorld – Tech Organization

It’s post number two of #OrganizeYourWorld!!


So it appears the first post was a success, no matter how incredibly scatterbrained and rant-y it was! I was really happy to see your reactions; yay for organizing friends 😀

Unfortunately, some of you don’t use desks. And that made me upset, because I want everybody who reads to at least have the opportunity to organize through #OYW. It’s fun! It’s a group activity! (in a way…)

But this week is about something EVERYBODY uses. It’s what you’re using right now to read this. It’s…. technology!!

If you’re a writer, blogger, student, or human being living in 21st century America, it’s safe to say that you’re pretty familiar with technology. But it’s also safe to say that your documents, pictures, and apps are at least a little bit cluttered with everything going on in busy busy LIFE.

Because Life™ is just so considerate.

THANKFULLY you’ve got a girl on your team who’s so crazy about organizing, she made a mini guide for you! Soo… let’s get to it! *jazz hands*



The key to an organized email is files. Files, files, files. They’re like Categories on blogs – they keep everything in specified places.

You’re going to want a small number of files; once you have a lot of them, they’re hard to maintain. Pick three or four files to have – it’s much easier to just have four set up in the beginning than just adding and adding.


If you are going to make files, KEEP THEM CLEAN. I mean it – they will spiral out of control if you don’t. I tend to check up on them every 2 weeks and that definitely works for me, but it depends on how much email you do get.


Documents are… *shutters*

When you write a lot, you have documents all over the place, and – I know a lot of you can agree with me – they can get mixed up or misplaced easily. It’s very important to keep your docs organized, because it isn’t a rare occurrence to delete the wrong one.

The first tip I have for you is to name your docs. Name them so you’ll understand what they are when you come across them in six months. I have a tendency to name all my docs ‘writing stuff’ and having no idea what they are.

Like emails, it’s good to file docs. You can find your way around pretty quickly if you label everything clearly.


I’m going to take a quick look at the ‘Writing’ file because it seems the most likely to get crowded since, you know, I write all. the. time.

I separated my retired stories, my writing help documents & backups, and my current works. This way, I can have quick access to the things I’ll be using the most, and store my older ones I look at every so often a little further inside the file.


PLEASE be wary, because document files get out of control VERY quickly, especially when you write a lot and do multiple projects at once. I go through and weed out the docs once a month, but it takes lots of time and a small level of frustration.

And if you use Google Docs? Make sure to clean that baby out as well. I have to open a half dozen of those a day, not just with my projects, but everyone elses’ that they share with me!

Here’s an even better option than playing keep-or-don’t-keep every day – create a document of links you don’t use often and store docs you need but don’t use often. I particularly like this for when I’m alpha reading for others.


If you’re anything like me and save every picture you get, you’ve got a cluttered album.

You probably know what advice I’m going to give. I’ve already said it like 15 times already. Can you guess??



There are three main files I carry for this one – blogging, real-life pictures, and Ninjago (because why wouldn’t I have a file just for Ninjago??). You have to be careful with ones labeled Pictures. Things stack up there quick, especially when you’re into photography. My advice is to you is to label the files by photoshoot. For example, Thanksgiving Photoshoot, Snow 2018, or even something as simple as 2/8/18 Shoot.

Naming individual pictures isn’t as important as naming docs, since you can see what the pictures are in preview and it would be a pain to go and rename all of them.


Dude. Raid the apps.

A lot of the time there are apps we don’t use on our devices. Looking at my iPad right now, I see three – an internet shortcut and two streaming apps I don’t use. It’s pretty easy to find which ones you use and which ones you’ve kind of forgotten about.

all of it

What happens when you’ve got like a billion pictures and docs on your devices and it just takes up too much storage and your sanity and pfltughhsjk it’s just too much!??!

  1. Calm. Down. It’s not the end of the world.
  2. Think about what you really *need* to keep versus what you just keep for the sake of keeping. That could be gifs you never use, copies from other devices, or screenshots of Ninjago trailers (*glares at herself*).
  3. Take a few hours one day to just clean, clean, clean your devices. If you don’t immediately know if you want to keep it or not, delete it.

I know getting rid of some things feel like you’re getting rid of memories. About a year ago, I finally let go of my enormous collection of stuffed animals. It was a bit emotional at first – most of them I had for more than half my life – but I decided that it was time to let go, and I didn’t look back. But I’ve definitely still got the memories! See? I have extra space in my closet and the fun times with my playthings. I kept my cake and ate it!

Same with photos and storage space. Instead of thinking about what memories you’ll lose (when you won’t actually lose them), think about being able to take pictures without that stupid ‘Storage Full!’ pop-up on your camera.

dangit those things are annoying!


(wow this post is 1000 words long, but I feel like it’s really short??)

Phew!! So, that’s post two of #OrganizeYourWorld! I hope yall benefit from it and all that good stuff 🙂

….And don’t forget to use files.


Get to those cluttered storage spaces! File, file, file!



20 thoughts on “#OrganizeYourWorld – Tech Organization”

  1. Gah, this is good. I’ve been gearing up to go through my documents, and it’s… daunting. slinks under bed and covers eyes As always, lovely post.
    (chokes on drink Was that folder labeled… ‘Don’t touch this bro’? 😂)


  2. My email is so full, but I can’t seem to find the time to go through it. 😂 I keep thinking about how I need to. 😛
    Thanks for the tips! 😉


    1. I didn’t start going through email regularly until a few years ago when I missed an email for a movie casting call. Just think, I could have been in a movie if I’d only checked my emails!! cries

      You’re very welcome, dear bows

      Liked by 1 person

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