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#OYW – Planner Tour & Organized Blogging Pt 1

Heyo, everybody!! It’s week number three of #OrganizeYourWorld! Honestly, I didn’t know until yesterday that I was going to be like Susanne Collins and split the last segment up into two parts. But here we are so yeah!

Bloggers (and writers) especially seem to have a hard time with procrastination. School, writing, work, chores… somehow, we continue to push them away until the last possible second. We may not intend to do it, but it always seems to happen. So how do you take back your time?

Weeeellll, part one is all about scheduling your time and posts by using a planner or bullet journal. Yes, folks, today I’ll be introducing you to my baby 2018 Erin Condren Planner. And I’m totally going to be a dork about organizing and planners again! WOHOO!

(actually me 24/7)

That is what you came here for, isn’t it?


One of my favorite things about the Erin Condren planner is the way you can choose how it’s laid out. You can have an hourly setup, a list-like setup, and mine, a vertical layout.

With this layout (and even without it), it’s nice to assign one topic to each box set, and since there’s only three of them in this case, it will keep the day from feeling overwhelming. I’ve kept the boxed labeled with the top three things going on in my world, ‘Writing,’ ‘Blogging,’ and ‘Life.’ Life being anything outside of the house. (Homeschoolers, you know what I mean.)


Three seems to be the magic number, because it’s been a great habit to write three blogging goals for every day and three bigger goals for the week. For example, a small goal could be ‘Edit post about organizing’ and a bigger goal could be ‘Write 3 new posts.’

Also. Please make sure to make your goals reachable. When I started planning, I’d make my goals waayyy unrealistic like “Write all posts for January” in one week or “redesign email list & blog” in one day. When you do that, you get discouraged. When you get discouraged, you don’t do things. When you don’t do things… they don’t get done!

Pages to include in a blogging journal or planner:

  • post ideas pages

When inspiration for a post idea strikes, I grab a sticky note and scribble down my thoughts. To keep them in order (and cough cough, not all over my desk) I have a trusty post ideas page!

  • graphics page

I like to keep the colors, fonts, theme, and other technical details in my planner, since it’s usually beside me when I’m doing blog graphics. I added this in what I like to refer to as the bullet journal section of the planner.


The reason I’m recording information like font and colors is so I can remember what I’ve already used. It’s really convenient for graphic design, plus I can revert back to an earlier version of my site if need be.

I also kind of wanted to record how long I kept the same style out of curiosity 🙂

  • monthly goals page

The planner already has a handy-dandy spot for goals at the beginning of each month, which I appreciate greatly. The top four bubbles are separated for total view, follow, and subscriber goals. The last one is how many posts I’ll be putting out (tbh I was out of ideas at this point)

It helps in the next month to list your top posts, to see what your viewers liked to read. The other list I used for blogging-related goals, but can really be used for anything.

(22k views?? r.i.p. my math)
  • yearly goals page

There’s a spot at the very beginning of the planner that has twelve boxes. I think normal people would put write one large goal per month, but we’ve already established that I’m not a normal person. Instead, I wrote 12 big (mostly writing-related) goals for this year.

This is more of a short ideas-slash-suggestions post than anything else, but I hope it helps somebody..?? Next week, I’m hoping for a grand finale of sorts so… *makes evil laugh sound that’s more like choking*


Do you guys have a planner or bullet journal? I’m absolutely obsessed with that sort of thing so if you’d show me your posts on it that would be awesome. And then we can freak out over pretty planning stuff *freaks out*


there is stuff happening. march 1st.

27 thoughts on “#OYW – Planner Tour & Organized Blogging Pt 1”

      1. I use a Personal plan. All I really needed was a domain and more storage space. I considered the second one (for 8 dollars) for a little while because it had better customization, but in the end it wasn’t worth doubling the price for.

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  1. This needs a Ninjago GIF of that epic moment Cole’s dad said, “If you’ll excuse me, need to write a song about my feelings.” XD I’m glad you love planners so much, and they help you. Every time I buy a planner, I use it for a month maybe, and then completely forget it exists. sigh Maybe if I put a sign up that said “Check your planner!” it might keep me on track? I heartily agree with you about setting reachable goals, because I often discourage myself with too big, or rather too vague goals. Better to say, “Write for 30 minutes, without distractions”, or “bullet-point outline”, rather than “write stuff/notes” or “work on outline”.


    1. YES EXACTLY!! That would be fantastic … if only it existed! xD

      I hear that a lot, and its okay if you forget your planner or don’t want to do it every once in a while. LOL that sign yess that would be helpful!!

      Yay for setting (reachable) goals!


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