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What To Do While In The Midst Of Procrastinating (Like We Need Help Anyway)

Today, I was supposed to post Organize Your World part 4. But guess what??


And don’t think I had a good excuse.


‘I’m thinking’ is just another way to say I haven’t done it yet and I don’t really want to so I’m making a bunch of excuses to avoid it.

So, yes, I avoided writing the post I had meant to write, and instead wrote about all the things I’ve been doing in the meantime you can do while being stubborn and procrastinating.

Have fun. I’ll be in a pit of despair.dividerflat

1. do stuff you should be doing but put off, ’cause writing.

Actually do useful things. Make the time you’re wasting worthwhile. Wait….

You know the room you sleep in that you can’t exactly clean right now because, oops, you’re writing? Well, you aren’t writing anymore, so get a dust rag and get to it.

2. watch tv/movies. for ‘research.’

You can do this in the name of research, to ‘get ideas for the project,’ but we all just really want to be lazy and waste time while getting a few feels at the same time. It’s a win-win.

3. eat.

Because, #1: you must eat to survive, #2: food tastes good, and #3: it’s another excuse. “SORRY I CANT WRITE TODAY CAUSE IM STUFFING CAKE DOWN MY THROAT. TRY AGAIN LATER. OR MAYBE NOT.”


4. organize

You can do two things at once – benefit your writing life while taking steps not to benefit your writing life! Because that makes so much sense!

Luckily, I’ve got you covered in this department 😉

5. collect/make images for those blog posts you’re going to write ‘later’

We all know that you’re not going to write that post. But why start writing and actually getting stuff done when you could surf the web for hours getting pictures you probably don’t need anyway??

6. write other blog posts.

How about you just do what I did and trade out writing the hard post for the one that’s easiest?? That’s always fun. That way you can be productive for later and totally miss out on being productive today!

but, most important…

7. just don’t procrastinate in the first place….?

Instead of wondering what to do other than writing, how about you just write and get it over with?

Wow. I just blew someone’s mind.

The truth is, every writer procrastinates. No matter what stage you’re at, from first draft to publishing, there’s always going to be something you want to put off. Like a series post that you were nervous about writing, so you avoided it all week and whoops it’s too late to write it now!!

Also known as what I’m doing right now.

Oh, well… that was incredibly awkward.

*squeezes eyes shut and clicks Publish*


Do not follow my example. Just… do not.


22 thoughts on “What To Do While In The Midst Of Procrastinating (Like We Need Help Anyway)”

  1. LOL I have managed to procrastinate editing my novelette for a month now. XD Maybe I should start soon? sigh Seriously tho, your post is soooo (sadly) relatable. XD I tend to read blog posts when I procrastinate, or clean my room. 😛 Fun post!


    1. ooh, that’s a hard one, same here 😬😬 but editing is hard to get into so I don’t blame you.

      I wish I could say yay that my posts are relatable but maybe that’s not such a good thing this time 😆 Thanks ☀️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this post! 😀 I definitely procrastinate when writing posts XD This morning I was frantically typing out the end of a post when I was supposed to be getting some school work done because I procrastinated about writing it the past few days sigh


  3. I procrastinate quite often, and sometimes I spend a whole week trying to “think” of ideas for what I’m going to write. Then I miss that day’s post.

    …let me go whack my head on a wall…

    Good post! I enjoyed every word of it!


  4. I’ve been reading blogs all morning and since lunch from first friday, but I had read this one earlier. I closed my computer to go do something else and as I stood up I said to myself there is nothing I really feel like doing and this post that I had read earlier immediately popped into my mind. I have now spent the last few minutes trying to find it again. Because I guess I am procrastinating despite the fact that I have a list of things I can do when I have time and some of them are on your list. I just had to find it again.


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