Awesome Gifts For Bloggers [Collab w/ Anna @ Anna Pastelle]

Sometimes, it’s so hard to get the perfect gift for that one person.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s your friend’s birthday, or anniversary… or first blog anniversary! You just have to get them something — not something generic like a $10 gift card to Walmart, but something that really matters to them.

If your friend is a blogger, there are plenty of gifts that would make their day! And I’m here to show you them! *jazz hands*

Anna @ Anna Pastelle and I teamed up today to bring you a bunch of ideas for gifting your writer, blogger, and bookish friends! She’s going to be talking about what to get your bookish buddies, while I cover blogger-specific gifts.

Soo…. let’s do it!



If you can’t tell by the sheer joy I receive at seeing a planner, I LIKE PLANNERS. They’re so helpful, not only for the many events in life but for keeping all your writing and blogging in order. They help keep everything in its place and make your day much less hectic.



Bloggers can get ideas anywhere. Unfortunately, we forget them a lot more than you would think. So the best thing to do is scribble them down on the closest piece of paper in reach.

But people like Pretty Things™ and wouldn’t it be so much nicer to be able to scribble ideas on a pretty piece of paper with a pretty pen? It would make our work look so much more organized, too!



It’s safe to say that most bloggers love books, and that’s especially true with writing or book bloggers. Get them books. All the books you can find.

If the blogger you’d like to gift to doesn’t like books or is really picky, maybe give them a Barns & Nobel gift card instead. They can get whatever book they want… or a little book-themed trinket instead.


If your blogging friend talks about music a lot, an iTunes gift card and song/band recommendation are two really fun ways to give a meaningful gift!


free graphics & pictures

Maybe you can’t physically give this to people, but (as mentioned above) we really like pretty things! Especially when we can display them on our blog without fear of being sued or breaking laws.

It would also really awesome for someone to send pictures and give permission to use those pictures freely! That would mean a world of difference for making featured images – we don’t have to go hunting online for a good image to display!


a handmade craft

Handmade crafts and letters are so, so sweet to receive (and to make)! Not only that, but they’re simple to make and easy to send through mail! If you have a pen pal, blogger or not, they’d love to have a cute handmade gift from you!

You can even theme what you make to the blogger’s writing niche or logo. If I got a little paper plane in the mail… dude, I would treasure that forever!


grammarly premium subscription

I can’t be the only one who uses editing software on my blog posts! I love Hemingway Editor – it’s free online and evaluates my writing quickly and painlessly – but Grammarly is such an awesome writing tool, I just couldn’t leave it out. I’m sure it’s a lifesaver for tons of people and would be a great gift!


a follow

The feeling when you earn a new follower is amazing – it’s like adding another member to a giant family! If you haven’t already followed or subscribed to that person, do it! They will know who you are and they’ll appreciate that you took the time to do so.


a compliment

Bloggers work hard for their readers. They spend a long time writing, editing, creating graphics, socializing, getting themselves out there, and making hard decisions. And don’t even mention the technical aspects of it! *shutters*

Sometimes, an encouraging compliment is all it takes to make blogging worth it. And believe me when I say that it can change the rest of the day for someone.

dividerflat pink

There are a ton of gifts you can get for bloggers, some that you don’t even have to buy and send in the mail! There are dozens of other ideas I could have added, but you guys are creative. I wanna leave you with some room to think, and to create 😉

BTW, before you leave, go check out Anna’s post on what to gift writers & bookish people over on Anna Pastelle! She’s literally so cute and sweet every time she posts ❤ Don’t miss it!


18 thoughts on “Awesome Gifts For Bloggers [Collab w/ Anna @ Anna Pastelle]”

  1. These are such great ideas! It’s like you named the things I knew I wanted, and the things I didn’t know I wanted?? 😂 Well done.


  2. If someone paid for a premium Grammarly subscription for me then I would be over the moon! I hate seeing that little yellow circle that won’t let you know what you’ve done wrong! XD


  3. Sheesh, I want all of this stuff, let alone get them for my friends. These are great ideas. Particularly the compliment one. I don’t think people realize just how much nice words mean to a blogger.


    1. The original title for this post was “Gifts to Buy for Blogger (Or Just Buy Them For Yourself I Don’t Care)” It was so clever, don’t you think??

      AMEN. Sometimes just a few kind words are worth the hours it takes to get up a single post ❤


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