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How To Find Blogging & Writing Inspiration – Turning Real Life Into Brilliant Ideas!

The most commonly asked question to authors and bloggers is ‘Where do you find your inspiration?’

I have always answered something along the lines of ‘I don’t know, everywhere,‘ or ‘the world around me.’ But I know my readers. You expect more than that lame cop-out answer, don’t you? You certainly deserve more than that.

With April’s Camp Nanowrimo sneaking around the corner, a lot of us writers are scrambling for that perfect idea, or just an idea in general.* And not to mention, planning for all those days you need to schedule posts while you’re writing…

Don’t freak out! Sure, it’s a lot we’re about to dive into this month, but you can come up with awesome ideas before April 1st, both for your blog posts and your novel. Don’t believe me?

You can, and you will.

*you know, because i have no clue what i’m doing 99% of the time


I’ve really, really had to think about my answer to the big question. Where does my writing inspiration come from? It’s not like I sit in front of my computer with a blank document and receive a dozen ideas from the plot bunny angels.

(not an angel, but it’s morgan freeman so close enough)

No, coming up with original, engaging ideas takes time, effort, creativity, and an open mind. And, even harder, you have to learn to come up with something that you’ll love and want to stick with for the whole draft.

I know it’s hard, guys. I collect ideas like one of those bug-attracting lights draws in moths even though that’s a creepy analogy tbh, but I have a hard time sticking with them. YOU’RE NOT ALONE! WE’RE LEARNING TOGETHER!dividerflat pink(I’m going to start with blogging, if that’s alright. Then we’ll move along to novel-writing.)

The biggest blogging inspiration available to you is….. your life! That might sound a little vague,* but hear me out.

Sometimes, I’ll be doing (or reading or writing) something I don’t like, and I think “Oh, I wish somebody would write a post about…”


BAM. The lightbulb goes off. And that’s how it works 50% of the time.

Maybe that doesn’t work for you, and that’s okay. I believe that everyone has their own special way of doing everything and that doesn’t make them any more or less intelligent. So if you can’t come up with ideas like somebody else, it’s okay. Don’t stress it.

The second biggest inspiration is from other bloggers’ posts. Let me say this right upfront: no, that doesn’t mean copying their posts or doing anything sneaky. Inspiration is much, much different than theft.

That also doesn’t mean I’m going to use the exact same idea as the person who posted originally. For example… I’m not the first person to post about Blogging Expectations vs Reality, and I’m certainly not the last. I make sure to make my content as unique as possible, with things that make me… well, me. That means the way I think, the way I write, the way I format, and of course my Ninjago gifs.

The third way I find inspiration is by thinking about what I love. It’s really that simple.

I love writing. Well, why do I love writing?

  • It gives me a creative outlet
  • I can create my own worlds, characters, and stories
  • It’s a form of art and I want to make it as beautiful as possible
  • and a lot more hehe

Off that one simple question, I could write maybe five posts. I’m 50% sure I’m an idea machine. Come to me with all your blogger’s block.**

As a blogger, you have freedom to talk about whatever you want whenever you want. Forget your niche and your readers for a minute. Just let your imagination go and write what you want to write about. There are no limits.

Bonus-but-not-really-answer! If you’re at your wit’s end and can’t possibly gather any more ideas of what to post, I suggest looking up post ideas on the internet or even Pinterest. Most of the time they’re not exactly creative, or they’re overdone, but some of the suggestions may spark the idea for a completely different post!

*when am i ever not vague though??? pft srsly
**jk my ideas are MINE

Ok, so how about novel writing?

Well, usually, you’re either in one of two categories.

  1. You’re always wondering about what to write.

If you’re in the first category, I’m about to help you with that. If you’re in the second…


I know how you feel. I’m sorry.*

There are a few questions you should spend a bit of time reflecting on while thinking about ideas for your next big project.

  • what size book do you want to write?
  • are you thinking of writing a series?
  • what genres are you good at writing already?
  • what books do you enjoy reading?

Speaking of books… one of the best things you can do to come up with an idea for a book is to read other books. Have you ever noticed that the books and blogs you read influence the way you write? When your favorite genre is fantasy, you’re so much more likely to write fantasy. And if most of the blogs you read are on lifestyle, you might be writing up a lifestyle post or two.

So, immerse yourself in books that discuss topics or fall into categories you enjoy writing about. Read books that make you happy, that make you truly feel something.

“okay, abby. i thought about questions. i read a book and cried in my room for a little while. but i STILL don’t have ideas. WHY DONT I HAVE IDEAS??!!”

If all else fails, resort to the bonus-but-not-really. Unlike blogging ideas, some of the prompts you can find on the internet or Pinterest are extremely creative. Like, I know people who have books on them and they are just brilliant. Sometimes I just scroll through them and watch my emotions fly all over the place, they’re just that good.

*at least we can all look at the cute bunny gif and feel a little better? no? okay. JK JUST READ THIS POST BY MY NAME TWIN ABBIEE
dividerflat pink

to wrap it all up…

What it all boils down to is that everyone is different. What works for me (what I’ve written in this post) might not work for you. It’s always worth a try, but sometimes that’s just not how YOU work.

So go for a scenic drive. Take a nature walk. Hop in the shower (hey, that’s where a large majority of my dialogue ideas come from). Spend some time just being. Your mind works in mysterious ways, storing things you see and experience and, over time, turning them into a treasure trove of ideas.

That’s pretty much it for today, friends, after you join the conversation below. What’re your favorite or most efficient ways to get ideas, bogging or novel-wise?



26 thoughts on “How To Find Blogging & Writing Inspiration – Turning Real Life Into Brilliant Ideas!”

  1. The shower is such a weird place to come up with ideas, but sometimes I just get them while I’m in there and have to resist the urge to evil laugh at my new idea for a character’s demise because, duh, I’m in a bathroom. Evil laughing is creepy enough for other people to hear without doing it in a shower. 😂


      1. I have pretty much perfected le evil laugh. 😉 I showed it to a friend’s brother last Halloween, and he just stared at me with these wide eyes and was like, “Wow, that was really scarry.” (He’s around five) 😂


  2. Unfortunately all my ideas come while I’m bed.
    And I must, MUST say them out loud, waking up my sister and making her say, “Tess, would you just go asleep already!?” in various inflections of grunting and moaning.
    (I’m kind of an insomniac sometimes, especially when I get creative XD)
    This was an awesome post! Nice nice work :D:D


  3. Thank you so much for this post!!
    I love writing, but I’m STUCK. I have NO IDEAS. (give me all your ideas MWAHAHA)
    This was a great post Abby! Thanks again!!


  4. Most of the time my blogging ideas come from stuff I’ve learned or want to change, or they’re the results of lots of puzzling over what hasn’t been said yet. And then a great part of it is also driven by thoughts on what I’m passionate about.
    As for noveling, I have ZERO CLUE where my ideas come from. A lot of what-ifs, i guess, and colors. I build stories around abstract things. XD
    Great post!!


  5. Yup. This is about it. I generally have an overload of blog ideas that never get beyond the idea stage—or, even worse, have one or two paragraphs written and no more. (Which is almost worse… 😬)
    Cool thing. I love how hilarious even your serious posts are.


  6. I’m doing Camp NaNo! Thanks for the great tips! As I told you before, I’m working on my first novel! So I’m still trying to work out some things out, but I got an idea for the actual book, and then my mom gave me the idea for the tragedy XD

    Hop in the shower (hey, that’s where a large majority of my dialogue ideas come from)
    HAHAHA XD XD SAME!!!! THIS IS SO TRUE!!!!! 😀 😀 ❤


    1. WOHOO CAMP NANO FOR THE WIN!! You’re welcome dear ❤ That’s awesome! I’m still working out my plot too. I have a general idea but not a whole outline yet but I’m gonna get to work in a minute 🙂

      YESSSS THE SHOWER IS PERFECT FOR DIALOGUE!! I talk to myself a lot in the shower and pretend to be characters lol

      Liked by 1 person

  7. For the categories 1 (no ideas) or 2 (too many ideas) I’m somewhere in between them. I get a lot of blogging ideas but they are small ideas that I can’t write a post on, well I could, but it’d be about 50 words. I dont really consider that quality content. It also makes me explore more in depth areas I like. For instance, I wrote a post about Emma Gonzalez. I knew I admired her, and i could think of like two reasons off the top of my head. But I had to delve deeper to write a fully fleshed out post!


      1. Sometimes, but they’re usually completely unrelated and I kinda don’t like throwing my posts together so hodgepodge like that. Some people can pull it off, though.


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