5 Book Characters That Are #Me

I’m not one of those people who does tags all the time. I’d rather spend my one precious posting day a week ranting about something that moves me than 300 words of me talking mindlessly about myself.*

However. This post warranted an exception. Why?


I don’t know, something about this idea just made me super excited — comparing myself to book characters?? Pretending like they’re real for a few minutes??? YES SIR I’LL TAKE IT.

*one of these days i’m going to get to all the things i’ve been tagged for. don’t worry. i’ve got a google doc 😉

Hope Yancy from Hope Was Here

Hope’s name isn’t a coincidence. In fact, she chose it! But this girl hopes and hopes and hopes — a lot like me! We’ve got totally different dreams but we’re so sure we’ll get there in only a matter of time.

While we’re both dreamers, we’re also doers. When we set our mind to something, nothing’s going to stop us. Starting a blog. Making new friends. Helping an old man run for mayor in a small town in Wisconsin.

‘Kay, so maybe not that last one. But, still.

Also, we both really like food. But she’s got Addie and Braverman to make her food. Poor Abby has to make her own food.

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Willa Angelo from the Kingdom Keepers series

Willa and I are so, so alike, more than any other character out there. I’ve always dreamed of playing her in a Kingdom Keepers movie — we even look alike!*

First off, we both have a never-ending fountain of knowledge about Disney — not only the parks and movies, but the history and lore. We’re willing to fight for our friends (literally, if need be), and also throw in a sassy catch line or something while we’re kicking butt.

We’re both open books, and we wear our hearts on our sleeves… perhaps without meaning to. We’re kind of awkward and self conscious, especially around other girls, and we feel more comfortable with adults than anyone else. OOH AND WE LOVE STUFFED ANIMALS.

Most of all… we both fall for the dorky, tech-smart redhead who talks too much. Can you say Jay Walker?


*well according to the cover of book 4 *shrug*


Lauren Towers from Canterwood Crest

Lauren and I aren’t super closely related — I’m not like her, falling for a new guy every six months and musing over his eye color — but we still share a few similarities!

For one, we both love music, fashion, and horses, though she gets to ride a lot more than I do. We’re fiercely competitive… when in competition for a prize or title we really, truly want. We’re both laid back, and though we’re nice to people and all, we don’t talk to them too much.


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Charlotte Cody from Wonder

Okay, so this may not apply to me as much anymore, but in middle school, I wanted more than anything to be liked. I cared waaaay too much about what other people thought of me, and I always tried to inch my way into the popular crowd. Just like Charlotte.

We were both good kids at heart. We had friends who were kind of close. And we’d go through seasons closer and further away from certain friends. But, in the end, we were always the odd ones out.

Sadly, Charlotte didn’t get much of a happy ending to her story. As for me, I finally just gave up trying to be someone I wasn’t, and ended up making a group of best friends! It might hurt a bit to sit alone and watch the same people I used to be like have tons of friends, but it’s not worth not being myself to gain friends that probably won’t be my friends in the long run.


Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

One time, my friend was suggesting that I should dress up as Hermione for Halloween. “She’s be perfect! Your hair is poffy like hers, and, anyway, you’re bossy just like her!”

Oooh, man, guys. I still can’t get over how bad he roasted me.

But, to be totally honest, he was right! I like things to be in my control at all times, and I like things to be my way. Plus I’m a tad bit salty when people act like idiots, and I’m occasionally sassy.

Also we’re super bookish 😉


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So, these are the characters that represent me the best. What are your top 5? Did you pick any of the same characters that I did?



23 thoughts on “5 Book Characters That Are #Me”

  1. This was pretty cool! 😃 And heh heh heh yes Jay Walker. 😉 (not-so-subtly hints that I still want to read your Skybound book 😜) (no I’m not forgetting this 😆 literally I’m even making sure to hold my younger sister Mary to her promise that she’ll get me a cane for my 30th birthday; I remember these things 😛)


  2. haha I can definitely relate to Hermione too! She was (and is) my favorite Harry Potter character because I’m bookish like her (and a little bossy too:) )
    This was such a fun post!


      1. Yeah I need to find the book but the library we go to doesn’t really stock new books often and also I’m sorta broke :/ Hahaha I would have done the same!


  3. I LOVE WONDER 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    I can relate to him so much, (not physically) but the trouble of friends and all that jazz. I still have a movie quote as my home screen 😅


  4. I have a cousin who’s a lot like Hermione: super smart, loves to learn, but often takes on way more than she should and overwhelms herself.
    And yay Wonder! I just watched the movie recently, and it was really good! It’s rare that I find a book-to-movie adaption that I really like.
    Great post!


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