I’m Going On Hiatus?? Why I’m Leaving (& What I’m Doing)


Never in my life have I taken an intentional hiatus from the internet or my blog. Never when I’m on vacation, never when I’m sick. Never. But here I am, saying bye-bye. See ya later.


Uh… let me explain.dividerflat

It has always been in the plan for WWF to have a hiatus in the summer, but it was just something I was doing to mark off my bucket list. One week without technology? No prob! Just go on hiatus lol yolo!!

But, as college began waving at me over the horizon, I realized… this is my last month as a true kid. I’m going to start going to college… then do more college… then get a job… then be an adult…

Maturity?? Responsibility??




But, seriously. May is my last month of freedom before school is a full-time thing, and I spend these days sitting at a desk, staring at a screen for hours on end, watching videos or writing a variety of things.

Something that’s been on my mind a lot lately is, what if I were to die tonight? Would I be happy with how I spent my last couple weeks?

Unfortunately, my answer to that is no. I would have a lot of regrets.

I can’t live that way anymore.

This month, I’m enjoying being free from school, work, and devices before I can’t avoid them anymore. It’s come at the perfect time, though. We had a family emergency recently and a lot of this summer will be spent traveling and being away from home. Even if I do have wifi, I wouldn’t be able to blog much, anyway.

So, yeah. I just need some time to live freely without worrying about stats or comments or other things. Of course I’ll still be reading your blog posts and writing a few of my own when inspiration shows up, but I won’t be on here every day forcing myself to get words out.


what am i doing while i’m gone??

  • taking time to sleep for once
  • #ruling my summer bucket list
  • reading everything i can get in my hands
  • doing super secret blog things. hee hee
  • ninjago bingewatching
  • making/eating potatoes
  • that’s a legit goal, isn’t it?
  • i think it is
  • stop judging me


what do you do while i’m gone?

There are many, many more great posts and surprises to come, friends. So in the meantime, keep creating, keep living your life to the fullest, and keep believing in what you can do when your words fly.

I’ll see you June 1st!




43 thoughts on “I’m Going On Hiatus?? Why I’m Leaving (& What I’m Doing)”

  1. I’m going to really miss having your posts while you’re on hiatus. 😦 But I hope that you enjoy it to the fullest! I also hope that, whatever your family emergency was/is, it ends well. I’m looking forward to you coming back with your surprises and Ninjago-ness! (Can I just interrupt this comment to say how EXCITED I am for the next season coming?! My sisters and I are rewatching the last one)
    I’m also starting to think about my own future. (Like, what the heck am I going to do with my life?? If I’m getting a job, I need to go to college, and college courses can have certain requirements for high school courses you need to take and I’m entering high school in a few months… Stressful.) I would love to be a full-time writer, but first off, I haven’t cracked the code for that, and second off, depending on something that could change at any time for my income is scary.

    Anyway, that’s a long comment. Hope you have a good hiatus, and come back with all your awesomeness back to its fullness!


    1. Thank you Julia! Aww I can’t wait to come back too (even though I’m not even on hiatus yet uhhmm… I just love blogging). THE NEW SEASON IS FREAKING GREAT LLOYD IS SO SWEET I CAN’T TAKE IT.

      Dude, don’t stress college! I just signed up for my classes a few weeks ago and it’s definitely not as big of a deal as you make it up to be in high school. There are a few math courses I have to take/retake (I failed the math portion of my placement test lol), but that’s totally okay because I have 3 years to finish. 3 years = 9 semesters. And you’re only in 8th grade right? So u have 4! You’ve got quite a bit of time Julia. I think you’re perfectly prepared as you are.

      Same. My degree is not for writing and writing doesn’t get you much $, so maybe I won’t be doing that either. But I love writing now, so I’ll keep doing it until I can’t anymore.

      My comment is longer :O lol. Thank you! Miss you already! waves

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      1. I can’t wait to see it!

        I’m in grade 9 (I live in Canada, so for me, high school doesn’t start till grade 10 😛 But we only have to get like 100 credits. Or maybe it was 110? And I forget what we need them for? 😂) I suck at math too, don’t worry.

        I’ve been trying to figure it out, and literally get way too many emails from people I’m subscribed to who have cool courses that cost hundreds of dollars so that’s weird. (And they’re all adults)

        waves back


      2. Oo! I didn’t know that. Wow your schools are a lot different than the US’. We have to get a certain amount of credits too but I can’t find my transcript rn 😛

        MAAAAAAATH 😦

        Oh same here. I’ve got to weed it out xD


      1. Yeah! I’m going to be doing duel enrollment, which if you don’t know is college and high school at the same time. I have one more year of high school work I think and I’ll be 100% college. I’m not moving away or anything so lol don’t worry xD

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  2. I leave to go visit college for 2 DAYS AND NOW YOUR LEAVING!?!?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    But I totally get the whole college thing, I’m starting to look at that stuff (eww) have fun 😉


    1. Lol!! Not for long though!! dies IM SORRYYYY. Have fun visiting! That sounds fun!
      Oh yeah it’s really weird. I keep looking at my new schedule and shaking my head with how strange this is. I’m not moving or anything (it’s mostly online and in my town) but it’s just… so odd. shivers


      1. Lol that’s why I’m looking at Baylor University (the Baylor Bubble) its calm and cool there, AND THEY HAVE LIKE HUGE DORM ROOMS FOR MUSIC MAJORS 😃
        And we saw the buisness building, it looks exactly like a mini Wall-Street in there 😎


      2. :O Are you going to do music?? That’s so cool! My college doesn’t have music or acting (cries) but a school near me does and it’s really big. Lol I thought you said Wall-Mart for a second xD


  3. NOOOooo…
    Actually, I’m on a blogging hiatus until June, too. But the reason is school, that’s the difference.
    I’M GONNA MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! (and, i guess your posts, too 😛 )
    But even so, I hope you have a fun time while you’re on hiatus!


  4. Have an awesome hiatus, Abby! I know I am commenting towards the end of it because I am extremely busy too but I have been missing reading your posts, you are an amazing blogger! ❤
    I’m praying for you and your family and I hope everything is okay! 🙂 Hope you have one awesome summer break!


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