5 Reasons Why Fanfiction Is NOT A Waste Of Time (+ Never Before Seen Fanfic Snippets)

Call me unoriginal or immature, but I’m an absolute sucker for writing fanfiction and proud of it.

Unfortunately, fanfiction has been put down as a type of writing that doesn’t require any effort. It’s labeled as an embarrassing writing style where kids copy characters and plot from a big-time company without formal permission. Which has led to its being viewed as immature and irresponsible.

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people criticize and make fun of fanfiction. Can you imagine the impact this has on younger kids who are only getting started writing and focus on fanfiction? They’re being told that their writing isn’t worth anything. It’s just a waste of time.

This makes me so. darn. sad. What if we’re robbing the world of a future bestseller or blogger or speaker? WE COULD BE DESTROYING THE HOPES AND DREAMS OF A FUTURE PRESIDENT.

That’s why, today, we’ll be discussing 5 reasons why fanfiction IS NOT a waste of time. In fact, it can improve your writing life!

I’ve also included a few fanfiction snippets that I thought would be entertaining to read! It was fun looking back at my archives and picking a few sections to share with you all. Obviously, they’re all Ninjago themed.* Who do you think I am?

* *clears throat* DISCLAIMER: i do not own any part of LEGO or Wilfilm companies. all characters shown here belong to those groups. the only things i’ve contributed are the ideas and words themselves.


1. you’ll write more often & improve

Writing every day — even just a small fanfiction project — does wonders to your writing life! It helps you rack up those words, grow your vocabulary, and be more comfortable with writing.

I know that being consistent with your writing is hard sometimes. Some days, you receive giant explosions of creativity and wOHOO LETS DO THIS YEAAAH!!

And then, there are the days when you just want to throw your WIP into a pit.

There’s nothing unusual about that, yall. Let’s just visualize — a novel-in-progress is like a baby.* You feed it. You nurture it. You give it all your attention. But, after a little while, you need to step away. OF COURSE you still love your baby, and OF COURSE you’ll come back. You just need a break.

A simple fanfiction story is a great way to keep taking writing time when you need a break from your regular work!

*yeah yeah i know that was a weird analogy.

“What’cha drawin’?”

Cole jumped. Standing above him was a boy with reddish-brown hair, pale, freckly skin, and a big goofy grin. Dark blue eyes reminded him of the old lake he used to go to with his mother. He wasn’t sure if he liked the resemblance.

Surprised and confused, Cole showed him the whiteboard. He’d been drawing a sunflower in the middle of a grassy field.

“Woah!” The kid leaned over his shoulder. Cole felt uncomfortable. “Nice flower!”

“Thanks,” Cole murmured, wishing the boy would leave him alone to his art. Maybe he would draw a lake next.

“My name’s Jay Walker. You can leave out that last part if you want, though. You’re Cole, right?”

Cole nodded. Before he knew it, he was being pulled across the playground by the hyperactive kid who couldn’t seem to take a hint. “My friends and I need another player for our game. Co’mon, it’ll be fun! I’ll let you pick teams!”

dividerflat pink

2. you’ll get to explore new styles & try new things

My favorite genre is contemporary. Good ol’, painless, character-focused contemporary. I also really like dystopian worlds. Usually the writing process goes like this:

  1. create lovely characters
  2. create drama
  3. shove both into dystopian world
  4. congrats, you now have a novel!!! have some potatoes!!!

When I started writing Skybound for NaNoWriMo in 2017, I was somewhat wary to begin. Skybound wouldn’t be the Dark & Brooding™ contemporary-type novel like I was so used to writing. It was a bright and sunny action and adventure story with magic, humor, and of course, NINJA.

me tho

Since fanfiction stories are usually a lot shorter than an actual novel (and you can keep your writing to yourself if you’d like) you’ve got a lot of freedom. You can do literally anything!

I often try new POVs, tenses, genres, styles, and more in fanfiction for the simple reasoning that fanfiction is almost like a trial run!


other awesome tips on writing:


3. you’ll see through the eyes of a new author

Have you ever written a story in your main character’s point of view?

As a theatre kid, I love to jump into characters’ minds and imagine what goes through their heads. If you’ve been reading the fanfiction snippets (or maybe you haven’t, that’s okay too), you may have noticed that I enjoy exploring the mind of my man Cole.

After ‘playing the character’ for a while, there’s this really awesome thing that happens. I’ve found that I’ve begun to see what the writers saw as they were writing Cole originally. Yes, after you start writing fanfiction, you begin to dive into the deep and complicated rivers of psychology!!!* *unenthusiastic cheer*

Sometimes — often — the author’s decisions for their character begin to make sense. And, if they don’t, you can change them in fanfiction! Hey, there are no limits.

*yes i did almost write phycology. phycology: the branch of botany concerned with seaweeds and other algae.

I am running.

I tear through the forest, breaking every tree branch in my path. The dead leaves on the ground crunch as I race upon them. Thorns pick my skin, tear at my clothes. I am weeping.

‘I hate you, I hate you.’

My heart hammers faster than my feet do on this hard dirt beneath me.

I need to find it. Maybe I’ll feel better. More in control.

‘Didn’t you love her? Don’t you love me?’

I hear a sharp rip, and suddenly I feel the wind against my chest, along with a sharp sting on my side. There’s a long gash in my shirt. Hissing through my teeth, I remove the shirt and stuff it into the side of my shorts. I can’t afford to lose it, now that I’m living on my own.

dividerflat pink

4. you already have an audience

Ever heard of Wattpad or Fanfiction.com? Those are two very popular sites for fanfiction writers, and they could just be your tickets to publication. That’s because you have an audience waiting on your writing.

And I don’t mean they check up once in a blue moon to look. They are there. Every day. Waiting.

Not only do these fans read, but they also tend to give critiques and suggestions, as well as kind and helpful comments. More than a handful of writers on those sites have been published. It’s been done, so if you’re ready to write for an audience, I say GO FOR IT!

I scoop about a pound of ice cream into a bowl bigger than my head. After adding a few extra ingredients- marshmallows, chocolate and caramel sauce, cashews, and half a jumbo-sized can of whipped cream- I’ve completed my Cole Bucket specialty ice cream sundae.

“Aaaand, the piece of résistance,” I announce to the others in a horrible French accent as I place a cherry on the very top of the mountain of whipped cream.

Lloyd looks at the bowl, then at me, grinning. “I swear, Cole, one day, you’re gonna eat us out of house and home.”

I smile back mischievously, scooping up a heaping spoonful of ice cream. My mouth waters at the sight, the smell, and the thought of digging in. I can’t help a wide grin.

“Here he goes,” I hear someone mutter.



There’s something about being the voice of your favorite character that makes your writing twice as magical.

One of the main pulls I experienced early on was the thrill of taking my favorite characters on new adventures that no one else could ever imagine. It’s 100% unique to me! It’s like a world of my own to play and experiment in with no limits.

In the end, fanfic is just really, really fun! There’s no stress about it. You just get to have fun and enjoy writing.


There you have it: fanfiction is not a waste of time, with five proofs behind it! Hopefully I’ve inspired you to dig out your journals and get to writing in a different style — or, if you’re already a proud fanfic author, it’ll encourage you to keep going! I’m right beside you, ready to cheer you on 🙂

Anyway, let’s talk fanfic! Why do you write (or not write!) fanfiction? What is the biggest thing that holds you back from writing or sharing it with the world? I’d love to hear about your fanfiction. Gimme a comment below!


53 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Fanfiction Is NOT A Waste Of Time (+ Never Before Seen Fanfic Snippets)”

  1. I screamed with excitement when I saw your name in my inbox. 😂 YAAAAAAY! This is such a great post!!
    I actually have been obsessing over Marvel stuff for a while and been considering writing my own fanfic for it. 😛 But I don’t know. Also, I am interested in doing Wattpad, but am not even sure my parents would agree to me doing it. (I hope they would, but still)

    And pssssst, if you ever need a beta/alpha reader for your Ninjago stuff, I wan in! (or if you post it online, I want to know where 😂)


      DUDE GO FOR IT! That would be beyond awesome! Plus, Marvel is 100%. I think Wattpad is your best bet. Fanfiction.net really pushes the lgbt agenda, but I suppose you will get that everywhere now. Either way, writing for yourself is just as fun 😉
      Still want to read Skybound? Oh my goodness girl. 😂 Someday soon I hope I can get to finishing it. Until then you’ll just have to read my blog for snippets evil laughter

      Liked by 1 person

    FANFICTION INTRODUCED ME TO WRITING. SERIOUSLY!! I THOUGHT I HATED WRITING UNTIL I WAS 7 AND STARTED WRITING FANFICTION STORIES ABOUT A CARTOON SHOW!!! And I’ve been writing ever since!! Fanfic has taught me SO MUCH about writing, it’s crazy. And my writing has improved so much!!! (Trust me, if you could see those stories I wrote when I was 7…. 😂😂😂) Fanfiction is writing, and there’s no reason people should look down on it.
    ALSO IT’S THE ONLY WAY JASONNIE WILL HAPPEN. AT LEAST FOR NOW. MAYBE IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS. imagines myself in 100 years as an old lady jumping up and down because Connie and Jason are finally getting married 😂😂😂😂😂


    1. AAAHH THANK YOU DEAR! AND UM SAME!! Ninjago got me into fanfic and then into writing, probably why I love it so much 😜
      PREACH IT GIRL. Fanfic is just as awesome as any other writing! Hahah yes we need Jasonnie in the world! Nobody else is going to do it!
      ohmygoodness that will be me too. We’ll both be in a senior home fangirling over our ships 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve never actually tried writing fanfic before, because I’m always too afraid I’ll mess the characters up or something. XD But it looks really fun and I think I might give it a try. It is pretty pancake flipping awesome to read 😉 XD


  4. This is so true! I’ve never really written fan-fiction, but I do hate it when people (rudely) criticize others writing. I’m all for constructive criticism, but when someone is generally trying to hurt another person by saying something mean about their writing, it’s just not nice at all!


  5. Oh my gosh this is sooooo true!!! I recently (4-5 months ago?) had an idea to start writing fanfic after me and my little sis (mostly her, but then she got me into it, sooo…) discovered Ninjago last August. We had just finished season 6 and I decided to start writing. Now I LOOOOOVE writing much more than before!! As of today, I have now completed 2 oneshots and have 2 WIP. Come check me out at archiveofourown.com! 😉 (Or AO3 if that’s easier to say. Same username) (nothing on fanfiction.net yet though. Maybe soon!) 🙂


  6. Welcome back, Abby! This was a very cool post! I have written a bit of fanfiction (Without realizing it). Do you have plans to write another piece?


  7. Fanfic=rip my social life😅

    OK BUT LIKE, on Quotev, there’s a REALLY GOOD Ninjago story, its called All Because of Apple Juice. I looovvveee it, humorous, Lloydxstorygirl romance, all Ninjago plot lines 😄😭 cries in a cool way

    And lol yes, I think up fanfic, but I never get to writing it, hehe lol sue me 😂


    1. hahah same. Fanfiction > real life.

      AHHH THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! I will definitely be reading that!! I love little Lloydy ❤

      And then there’s me xD I begin new fanfictions at least once a week, but they end up unfinished. Oh well 😉


  8. This is a great post! I really love how your blog is so personal! You talk so freely in your posts and are so connected to your readers. I really need to work on that. facedesks
    anyway, even though fan fiction is probably really fun for other people, it’s just not enjoyable for me, because every word I type down I know that these are not my characters, not my worlds, and just not me. So that’s why I don’t write fan fiction. grins
    Oh, and I have tried, I’m not just saying this and haven’t tried before. I tried two times! holds up fingers but, it just didn’t work for me. 🙂


    1. Awe Caleb, that’s so sweet! It takes a lot of practice to get the words out in your own personal voice 🙂 Just keep working on it and you’re going to get better! confetti
      Of course not every writing style is enjoyable for everyone! I know you like doing comics but it isn’t fun for me. That’s ok! And I know a lot of people feel the way you do, too. No shame in that 🙂
      Thanks for reading, Caleb!!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Girl, I needed this. I write so much fanfic it isn’t even funny. I love writing it, it is very fun and satisfying, but I always felt like it was a waste of time. Now I realize that it isn’t. Thanks for the encouragement Abby!


  10. I have just started writing a fanfic, but I’ve felt kinda awkward telling people about it. Seeing your post and the comments of other writers made me realize I’m not alone. Thanks for this, and I’m excited to read more from you. 🙂


  11. ABBY!!!! I WAS CHEERING THROUGH THIS WHOLE POST BECAUSE I CANNOT AGREE MORE!! high fives and fist bumps and awards you waffles THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR SAYING IT LOUD AND CLEAR. ❤ fan fiction is not a waste of time!! Literally I have written fan fiction all my life and I can safely say it was one of the only things that encouraged me to keep writing. Getting that feedback from other people who are enjoying your story is SO AMAZING. And like you said, writing about your favorite characters is so much fun!!! You’ve probably heard me talk about fan fiction before but I used to write Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys crossover fan fiction and also alternate endings for the Nancy Drew video games (my continual obsession lol) and THOSE FANFICTIONS HELPED ME GROW SO MUCH AS A WRITER. I still write some, every so often. It’s nice for a change of pace, like you said. :”)


    rock on,


    1. AH THANK YOU ABBIEE takes waffles gratefully yeah fanfiction has been such an encouragement to me. And it’s just fun, why wouldn’t you do it? squeals I looooved Nancy Drew as a kid!?!! lol I bet that was hilarious to write for, making up your own mysteries and everything 😀
      Thanks again dear!! Means a lot ❤


  12. I like fanfiction because I’m a ten year old boy who doesn’t know how to create his own original ideas or characters or worlds so I just leech off of the hard work an author has already put into their own stories without having to do any work myself. Never mind the potential damage this practice will have on my own creative process, I like writing about the legendary adventures of Arron Silverhawk the legendary legend in the Wizarding World who defeated Harry Potter AND the evil robot army of Voldesmort who was actually revealed to be Harry’s long lost brother. It’s a great story with original and developed characters, and I like butchering the original character’s relationships by just making the characters get together. Thanks for justifying my unhealthy obsession, Abbiieee1! I’ll send this to my English teacher and then she’ll give me an A for that 5-page story I had to write, “plagiarism” isn’t a thing. Thanks and one love.


      1. THAT’S WHAT MY ENGLISH TEACHER SAYS but I dont thank so cause when I do it my mommie calls me a good boy and posts my story on the fridge. she’s the head of a VERY important publishing company and then after I rite me first book I’m going to become a HUGE STAR just ilke CHRISTOPHER PAOLINIQ!!! WILL IT BE PLAGIARISM THEN, I THINK NOT MRS. OLRICH!!!!@!!@ (btw sorry my mommy is too tred to eddet ma commint tooday sorry fror spelling)


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