How To Make Time For CREATIVITY In Your Crazy Busy Life

The general rule: full schedule = death to creativity.

I know firsthand that our lives can get very busy with school, work, family, travel, and plenty of other distractions. As a creative soul and a planner at heart, I find myself buried deep in my to-do-lists. When the day is finished and nothing creative gets done, no big — we’ll just do something creative tomorrow yay!!

But then it happens again. And again. AND AGAIN. We have 24 hours a day to get stuff done.* Where did time for creativity go???

I hate to break it to you, but you’ve been wasting it.

So, today, we’re breaking down 4 ways you can make time for creativity — even when your schedule is overflowing and you’re running out of to-do-list paper.

*you know, give or take like 9 hours for sleep


stop procrastinating

You know full well what procrastinating is. I’m sure you do it often. Maybe you’re reading this instead of writing an important paper. That’s right, I know the inside of your creative brain.

THE REASON WHY: I’m creative too. In fact, I’ve been procrastinating on homework and spending that time on YouTube and watching TV. And guess what?? I’m behind and don’t have time for creativity, not to mention I have to work through the summer.

I dare you to write down everything you’ve been procrastinating on. Next to every task, write how long that task will take to complete every day. How many hours is that? How many hours do you have left? And how much of that time do you use procrastinating on things you SHOULD be getting done?

When you get the must-dos out of the way, you have so much more time to be creative and SO much less stress about your busy day!


schedule in some time

“but abby!! this is why i’m reading your post!! i don’t have time!!!”

Did you read that bolded paragraph in the intro? You’ve been wasting your time. You’ve probably been wondering about that little bombshell. Well guess what? WE’RE TALKING ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW, SWEETHEART.

That’s right. I can be intimidating.*

You know how school ends in May, and you’re just so excited for summer that you make plans early? You’re so, so PUMPED that you have all this free time and you know you’re going to make the most of it — that is until you find yourself bored within days. We’re practically living that out right now on the second week of June!

You’ve got all these things to do, but you never end up doing them. You haven’t made scheduled time to do anything, so you end up forgetting or just not doing them.

That being said, once you schedule time, you still have to make sure you DO your creative activities without pushing them to the backburner. Which leads to our next point.

*i scare small animals all the time im like so scary


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make creativity a priority

The most important way to make creative activities a regular, everyday part of your busy life is also the hardest. You need to not only make time for creativity, but also make it a priority.

Actually, let’s do something I think both you and I are experts at — making a list!

I’m not kidding. Get a pen and a piece of paper. A Word document and a mouse. A napkin and lip liner if you have to.

What are the top 3 creative goals you have? I’m talking anything creative. Blogging, writing, music, photography, anything you can think of. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Write them down.

Here are my top 3:

  • reach 5000 followers
  • self-publish a novella or self-help booklet
  • master guitar

Now, here’s the golden question: how are you going to get there? More specifically, what can you do every day to get you to your goals?

One of my goals is to master the guitar, so I spend a few minutes every night playing and trying out new chords. I’m slowly but surely progressing, little by little every day. And it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes every night!

Just a little bit of time every day is all it takes, but you’ve got to make creativity an important part of your day. Otherwise, you’re going to say ‘i’ll just do it tomorrow’ and continue to miss it. Dedicate yourself to your art and be ALL IN. If you only make it a priority, you WILL reach your goals.


creativity is not a chore

Sometimes, I’m really cranky when it comes to creative projects. I’m sure you have been at one time, too. You know. “uuuuughhh i have to write a blog post tonight!! i have to practice violin for 30 minutes!! uughh i hate this stuff” < NO. DO NOT SAY THAT.

Creativity is not a chore! It’s not something you HAVE TO do. In fact, take ‘HAVE TO’ out of your vocabulary. Creativity is a passion, not a job. So when you have to cram creativity into your already busy day, think of it as release. A chance to step away from the to-dos and relax a bit.

In the end, you’ve just got to embrace your art and commit to taking time every day to improve. Your busy schedule is nothing with some determination and a bit of creativity!dividerflat pink

You CAN fit creativity into your busy life with these four steps to opening up your schedule. I hope you’re properly inspired to start weaving creativity into your schedule!

So… let’s chat about creativity! Do you schedule time to create, or are you struggling with fitting time into your day? What kind of distractions keep you from getting things done? Procrastination?? I SO get it, friend 😉 Get typing!



26 thoughts on “How To Make Time For CREATIVITY In Your Crazy Busy Life”

  1. THIS POST WAS INSPIRING, ABBY. 👏🏼It’s only my first week of summer, and I’m already at a loss for what to do…but this post got me inspired to get stuff done and save time for creativity, too. Now I’m off to go write a blog post. fist bump


  2. As a musician that practices nearly 3 hours a day and teaches and has lessons (ugh help) and hasn’t had much creative…er.. stuff the last 2-3 years, my musicality and passion has dropped MAJORLY. This helps me to try and dig very very veerrryyy deep inside me to try and find the little sparkles of creativity left in there. A summer music camp (please God) will hopefully enhance that too, but this post CONFIRMS that I have to make time to find the creativity too 😁👍💙🎵🎻


    1. Am, I’m sorry you’ve been having so much stress about your music. But glad you’re inspired to do something about it 🙂 Have you tried taking a break for a little while? A hiatus is always a little breath of fresh air.


      1. I would but music camps are starting, the 3 week one I’m going to I hope will bring some musicality back, its nice to take a break from the INSANE competitiveness in the music world. 😁


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