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Answering Your Questions — 6-MONTH BLOGIVERSARY (+ Exciting News!!)

It’s my 6-month blogiversary!!!

On July 1st, I celebrated a full six months of When Words Fly! It truly was a great day of looking back and dreaming about the future.

After totally forgetting for a few hours,* I celebrated by binging recent Ninjago episodes, reading journal entries, and freaking out over a few special people with special birthdays (shoutout to my girl Annie Cate, SHES 15 NOW WHAAA??)

Today, though, we’re going to be answering the Q&A questions you submitted a few weeks ago. We also have a bunch of virtual (aka imaginary**) potatoes and confetti and cake, so get comfy! LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!


*yes i actually forgot till about lunchtime *facepalms into a wall*

** 😦


Before we get started, I guess I should spill the beans I’ve been hiding for so long.

There’s something I’ve been keeping under wraps since my hiatus in May, and it miiiight be the reason why I was so intent on making my 6-month blogiversary a big deal. Hold onto your horses real quick.

*clears throat*

Introducing the newest addition to my blog… the official When Words Fly YouTube channel!

YT Header

AWESOME, RIGHT?? And nobody knew except for the 50 people who found out when I accidently published a post about it back in March!! (Whoops.)

The content on this channel will be very close to the content here on the blog: creativity, writing, blogging, reading, and inspiration.

I’m so excited to start exploring YouTube because 1. I GET TO TALK TO YOU FOR REALS NOW, 2. there are so many possibilities for videos, and, 3. I can finally prove that I’m a real human!! muahah they’ll never guess that i’m a nindroid


A few weeks ago, I asked you to send me your questions in a variety of topics. I took advantage of both the Q&A and YouTube to answer your questions… on video!! *presents with trumpets and confetti*

dividerflat pink

So there are your answers! Again, I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to answer some of your questions! The video was 40 minutes long before editing…. yikes! Anyway, I’m going to get better at this filming/editing stuff (I’m totally an amateur hahaha help me).

LET’S GET CRAZY IN THE COMMENTS, GUYS! I’m going to try to be live all day, so feel free to ask me anything I didn’t get to in the video! Also, um HOW WAS YOUR FOURTH OF JULY? Did you go see fireworks??

Thank you for 6 lovely months of creativity! Let’s make it a year!



61 thoughts on “Answering Your Questions — 6-MONTH BLOGIVERSARY (+ Exciting News!!)”

      1. And I loved the video. You’re so cute and I just yeah, enjoyed it so much. Thanks for answering my questions! And wow, a twice baked potato? Never tried it. I have to now… XD


  1. YAY! I finally get to see you!!! 😀
    Yes, water is good.
    Could I request that you do a full post on ships? 😉 It sounds like you’ve got lots of expertise with it (that I need 😂)
    I have a lot of trouble with writing every day. I’m trying to plot right now, which is probably why I haven’t been too enthusiastic about it. 😂 I also agree that you can see the big differences. I am better than I was a year ago, and I’m sure I’ll be even better in a year (if I keep up the writing glares at plotting) My writing in grade 7 was horrendous. And I showed it to so many people. 😖
    That is a good goal for a blog. 😊
    I agree with blogging about what you’re passionate about. Man, I started a blog a year ago, and it was on crafts (drawings, DIYs, some writing) but I VERY QUICKLY lost interest. The blog DIED. 😂
    “How beautiful is that?” Hahaha wonderous
    Honestly, I think most of us get some of our more brilliant ideas in the shower. 😂
    I want to see the picture of Jay, the poster, and the sticker book! :3
    Disneyworld is bigger than Disneyland, but that means more walking is involved between rides. I would love to try some of them, but I think I like Disneyland better. 😂 And YES I want to work for Disney someday! (Story Artist 😉) (I just have to learn how to draw better first… 😂)
    “I don’t like math” <<<10000% agree
    The bloopers were great too. 😉


    1. hehe 👍
      yes!! i’ve got ships on my list of topics to write about! so it will be here somewhat soon 🙂
      oh yeah. i have had pleeenty of blogs before this one, so i’m glad i found my niche. glad you found what works for you too!! i can’t do DIYs or crafts so if i’d seen it i would probably be like ??? what is this place?? 😂
      haha! i should do a room tour one time!
      sorry, i’m 100% loyal to orlando 😉 disney world just has a little extra magic for me. ISNT THAT LIKE THE WRITER/ARTIST’S DREAM JOB?? YES!! i wanted to do that when i was younger!! disney is just the top-level employer lol
      hides under a bush save me from the algebra 2

      Liked by 1 person

  2. CONGRATS ON 6 MONTHS! That’s amazingggggg❤️❤️And congrats on starting a YouTube channel, that’s also amazing, I loved the background of your video (your books are so prettyyy) and also you’re so cute and just squeals I’m so excited for you!


    1. Your look on my dolphin question 😂😂😂😂😂😂 SABRINA CARPENTER IS LIFE (next to 1D) lol you can have Cole, I’ll take Lloyd 😂


      1. 😂😂😂
        Join my potato clan, I’ve been at camp for a week and like 20 people or so have joined 😂

        OFF TOPIC BUT: ok so your obvi a Christian like me. I have a movie for you to watch (WATCCCHH ITTT) its called Is Genesis History. Its on netflix and it is just the best movie/documentary ever. let mah know what u think of it ✌🍦


      2. Its a documentary about discovering whether stuff like the great flood, and God making creation. Its discovering whether or not the Genesis accounts are true history.



  3. WOW CONGRATS ABBY THIS IS AMAZING!!! I’m already seven months into my blog and I’m not nearly as far along as you are!

    crams taters into mouth and the YouTube channel sounds super cool!!! Nindroid! snickers


    1. THANK YOU CALEB 😀 I so appreciate your comments ❤ Hopefully some of the next few posts will be helpful in your exact situation. I didn’t answer some of the Q&A questions on the video because 1. they would be super long and 2. I already have posts planned 😉
      hahah im not a nindroid!!! discreetly flips off funny switch

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on six months and your YouTube channel, your video is great for a first timer! I love twice baked potatoes as well and I can relate to your merch problem, but with Star Wars.


  5. Congratulations on the newest venue for When Words Fly! I’m at work at the moment, but I’ll stop by your channel tonight. I think you’re absolutely amazing to be able to add another component; most days I feel like I barely have anything to talk about on my blog! Best of luck!


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