Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (I’m Back!! + Photo Travel Diary)

*jumps out from behind a stack of books with potatoes and cowbells*





After my impromptu disappearance, I have returned!! And, even better… I’ve got the blogging bug again! A lot! Like, this hiatus thing might have worked too well, because I’ve been typing posts up like they’re nothing. So thank you for putting up with my absence. All of your comments were very sweet and very appreciated ❤

While I went on hiatus because of a tiny creative breakdown, I actually had a full vacation during this time away. And where else would this living Disney dictionary be than her favorite place on earth, Walt Disney World???

During our time there, I got a random surge of inspiration and wrote a poem about overworking myself and the recovery. It’s actually sort of good, so I decided to share it with you along with a few photos from my last day at Magic Kingdom.


can’t stop won’t stop

open my eyes.
get out of bed.
another day, another mission.
start. stretch. let’s go.

‘out there / there’s a world outside of yonkers / way out there beyond this hick town, barnaby / there’s a slick town, barnaby…’

down the stairs.
brew some coffee.
say “good morning, how did you sleep?”
breakfast. dress. routine.

power up the laptop.
check notifications.
can’t stop won’t stop, it’s my motto.
learn. write. repeat.

it doesn’t matter that i’ve been here more times than i can count and i’m 15, this castle still makes me cry.

sprint, sprint, sprint.
get in those words.
keep going, to-do list is growing.
create. inspire. accomplish.

so much to do.
so much to write.
gotta fix the wording here, make a note there.
scenes. songs. chapters.

it’s not hard to find gluten/dairy-free snacks here, thank the lord. my go-to goodies are frozen lemonade & cotton candy. i’m a sweet tooth 😉

hours pass like seconds.
where does the time go?
forgot to do chores, i’ll make it up soon.
tick. tock. tick.

speed bump.
another box on the list.
can’t stop, won’t stop.
add. forget. try harder!

i’ve wished upon countless stars right here where the old rose garden stood from 1971 to 2011. this was The Best™ place for fireworks and parades and i miss it dearly.

inspiration drains.
running out of time
i can do it, i know i can!
go. go. go!

keep going!
don’t stop!

…can’t stop!

…won’t stop…


it’s amazing to see the legacy walt disney built for himself here. while he didn’t live to see the results of his florida project, there is so much history and magic on the best main street in the world!

burnt out.
ready to quit.
give up, you’re not good enough.
…just leave.

don’t want to.
but i do.
i quit, get up and go.
forever? no. but i go.

it’s a tradition to ride the teacups with my dad as he takes really awkward videos of me. while it’s sort of uncomfortable, it’s still really fun and the dizziness is a small price to pay. plus, the aesthetic is A+ xD

power down the laptop.
silence the phone.
cancel alarms, i don’t need them.
quiet. peace. freedom.

odd at first.
so used to the motto.
can’t stop won’t stop, is there any other way?
leisure. slowness. freedom.

this is the street you enter the park through after completing the cast member orientation called ‘traditions.’ i can’t wait for the day i finally step onto this road wearing an official disney name tag!

but change comes.
a new perspective.
the same but different, new but old.
light. beauty. color.

every time i’m here, i turn back into the four-year-old who’s endlessly enchanted by the magic of disney. i still get scared in the haunted mansion, order chicken nuggets in fancy restaurants, and run to mickey mouse with reckless abandon.

savor the feeling
take it all in.
it’ll end soon, make it last.
sounds. smells. tastes.

11 years ago, dumbo was infamous for its long lines. now… eh, not so much. while the parks change constantly, the wonder that surrounds you stays just the same.

live my life
instead of writing it
dance in the streets, sing with the music.
feel. see. breathe.

ok, this is an odd picture 😛 all i can say is that i really enjoy fashion and tomorrowland’s peoplemover attraction, so i got a picture with both interests together. aka, my super cool shoe. i like the retro feel of it i guess.

time to get going again.
set my alarms.
back at my desk, pencils sharpened.
return. routine. old.

power up the laptop.
check notifications.
mixed excitement and dread, i’m back.
restart. try again. new.

so it goes.

and it’s okay.

it was really crowded during our stay. we usually go in september, but due to my fancy new college schedule, we moved the vacation to august. BAD CALL. it was hot!! D:

because sometimes that’s how life goes.

there are ups and downs in everything.
times for flying.
and times for falling.
can’t stop won’t stop isn’t everything.

‘the battles, the stories, the losses and all the glories / we’re changed by the way we live every day / just look up and reach to the sky / we all have the courage to fly’

it’s just a motto on a t-shirt.

don’t be afraid to stop.
don’t be afraid to take a break.
your passion is too precious to quit.


dividerflat pink

This was a very different type of post, but I thought maybe it would be nice to change things up a little bit before we hit the NaNoWriMo prep months. which are not too far away yikes!! I loved photographing my trip and am thinking about possibly vlogging or making a video diary next time 🙂

Basically, I’ve returned and am fully back in business! That means everything: blog, YouTube, Goodreads, and email list, which will have some extra special content soon — for realzies this time.

I want to know… have you ever been to Disney? Because I will be happy to squeal about it in the comments. Can you identify with the feeling of being burnt out, or even just the relief in letting go of the stress? Because, spoiler alert, it feels awesome. Let’s get to talking!



31 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (I’m Back!! + Photo Travel Diary)”

    1. aw, yay! both are absolutely lovely in their own ways ✨ haha, thank you! i don’t do poetry or photography a lot so i’ve been a tiiny bit apprehensive to post them. thank you for the comment & encouragement, mary! 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I went to Disneyland when I was 8 and will get to go when I graduate. 😉 My family looooooooves Disney stuff 😂 If we’ve seen the show, we probably know the music from it haha. Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun! (and I love your shirt in that last picture 😜)


      1. That’s good advice 🙂
        I’ve actually not posted anything in 2 months… I started to write again today and it’s coming back a little bit, so that’s good right? I’ve started to write and then don’t have any ideas, but at least my mind can get running now 🙂
        Thanks so much and I’ll tell you some of my fav Disney stuff later 🙂


  2. Yay I’m so glad you’re back! All of your photos made me so happy, and your poem was amazing ❤ I’ve been to Disneyland for one day (we were in California) but it was a while ago…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you lovely!! i’m so so sooooo sorry i missed your tour 😥 but i have been watching from the sidelines and you are doing wonderful so far!! aw, thank you; i was a little nervous to post either at first. glad it brightened your day a bit 💙 i went to disneyland a long time ago too. it was soo pretty ✨


  3. Awesomeness!!!! I’ve only been to Disney once and it was literally THE BOMB. LOL I love that last picture. 😀 So glad that you’re back!


  4. YAaayaaAaY!!! You’re back! throws glitter and confetti I’m so glad it was a productively refreshing hiatus. And that POEM. So relatable.

    “live my life / instead of writing it”

    Love love love this line. I think that’s the crux of the matter all writers need to discover.


    1. I AM promptly breathes in glitter and chokes on it good to know it’s valid for other people too. i’m not a poet at all, but lines just kinda came to me one day and i thought it was pretty. 🤗
      i’ve been thinking about this!! we writers tend to spend all our time writing an adventure when we could be experiencing one for ourselves!


  5. WOOHOO YOU’RE BACK!!! Disney World is awesome. I wish we could’ve met up while you were here but I guess it didn’t work out 😞

    ALSO “out there / there’s a world outside of yonkers / way out there beyond this hick town, barnaby / there’s a slick town, barnaby…’” I FREAKED OUT SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS THAT SONG!! I love the musical Hello, Dolly. I was in the chorus XD

    Your vacation sounds amazing and I love your poem! So glad you’re back. ❤


    1. don’t worry about it dear 🙂 we have annual passes, so we’ll be back v soon. ☀️

      heheh!! i actually learned it at disney since they play it on main street so often. then i heard the musical… yep.

      thank you!!! ✨

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I have been to Disneyland but not Disneyworld. Its on my travel bucket list. 😉

    It sounds like you had an awesome trip! I love the photos. Its great to have you back. 🙂


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