I Met Blogging Buddies IRL?! // ft. Chris Pratt, 200 Followers & Your Help?



I’m sure other homeschoolers emphasize with my excitement, but these weren’t just normal people. THESE were my internet friends.

And we met in real life. *screeches for all eternity*

Meeting internet friends has been a staple on my bucket list as soon as I got them. Looking back, it’s hard to believe we actually in the same room. Breathing the same air. Talking to each other. Oh my gosh. They’re real.


Young Writers Workshop (YWW, or, if you’re into slang, YDubs) is a community of teenage writers who are learning how to make incredible art before many other authors even begin. They learn to write well, push through plot problems, and eventually approach publication. I would 100% recommend any young writer to check it out. It helped me sooo much when starting this blog. This group, however big, is tightly knit by our passion for great stories.

When one of our members, Michael, announced he was visiting Atlanta (where I live), we knew we had to jump on an opportunity to meet. Michael is from Paraguay, a country in South America, where he and his family serve. Thank God for Julia, another amazing writer friend, because THAT GIRL?! She planned everything so quickly and gathered every Georgia resident she could find with an invitation to a meet-up!! BC IT WAS HAPPENING. AHHHH.

ok so this is me 24/7 nowadays ahhahah

After a few months of sorting out details and making sure everyone knew where we were going, we were finally ready to meet! It took an hour to get there due to lovely Atlanta rush hour traffic, but pretty soon we were in the town where the meetup was going to go down.

I was nervous;* I’d only ever seen my friends through a screen, only really talked through fourms. It’s like, I knew who I was going to see already… but don’t know them. Kinda strange, you know? Despite that, excitement won over, and, after getting lost for a few minutes, WE MADE IT.


Julia and Micheal along with a few others were there and I remember just smiling like an idiot with how excited I was. Sure, we were a little awkward at first, but Julia had prepared and brought conversation starters, like what’s your favorite writing snack? and have you ever based a character off someone? You typically wouldn’t ask those kinds of random questions online, so it was neat to hear the answers.. in real life. *squeaks*

The bunch of homeschoolers we were, the rest of our time was spent playing board games, which was… interesting, to say the least. Seven people made for a rowdy game of Bible Apples To Apples.** I won the first round, then Madelyn crushed us in the second.

Around that time, Ellie & Courtney showed up all the way from North Carolina (second only to Micheal, who won furthest distance by long shot)! And here I thought the hour drive was going to be a lot. 🤦‍♀️

Balderdash was our next (and last!) game, and if you’ve played it, you probably know how that went with a bunch of writers. Our first word was ‘pleach,’ which all of us associated with peaches and bleach. Now, pleached actually means ‘entwined or interlaced (tree branches) that form a hedge or provide cover for an outdoor walkway.’

We all lost that one.


Two hours passed wayyy too quickly, and pretty soon we were hovering near the door, not wanting to leave *quite* yet. I loved the time we had together, guys. Each of you is so sweet and I’m beyond excited I had the honor of meeting you in person. We WILL do this again, and soon!

*hahaha ily anxiety

**which i didn’t know existed??? i’m sure they have every type imaginable, though 😋dividerflat pinkSUPRISE THERE’S MORE.

So on Saturday (lloyd garmadon’s birthday by the way, i made him birthday waffles), I realized I had 200 blog followers. It’s weird to think that a year ago I was posting to an audience of three. BUT NOW!! *fangirls violently*

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Each one of you is extremely special to me, even those who don’t follow. I love getting to know you in the comments, reading your blogs obsessively, and being a writerly nerd with you! asdfghjdskj!!!!

OBVIOUSLY, I had to celebrate. As it was the first day of fall, we already had an outing planned — a trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia! Blue Ridge is a popular town and holds a few of Georgia’s famous north mountains.

On the way, I got Skittles with my love Chris Pratt on the wrapper. This boi caught my heart from the day I heard Emmet’s little Lego voice. And now I’m obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy. All because of this gentleman. 😍

Our first stop: MERCIER ORCHARDS! This is an awesome place we’ve been obsessed with for years. It’s known for its apples and pies, but they’ve got all the food you could think of here.

It’s unfortunate: I can’t eat pretty much anything that comes from this place; can’t have gluten, can’t have dairy, and I’m allergic to apples!! *throws herself into a pit of insanity* But I decided my Chris Pratt Skittles were enough for me.

a part of blogging is the people who stare as you’re taking pictures 😉

After finishing our haul, we took a drive to Copperhead, Tennessee. This lil’ town is right on the border of Georgia so you can stand in two states at once!

It looks like a really crummy town, but it’s kinda charming in its own way. Our favorite store here is a Christmas shop owned and operated by The Real Santa Claus™. We’ve been visiting for 17 years.

After jumping back to Georgia, we visited downtown Blue Ridge. This town is our absolute favorite place behind any place with the word ‘disney’ in it. We tried a new eatery, a sandwich shop called Cantaberry. As soon as I walked in, I was sold. The place was yellow. Freaking YELLOW. I LOVE YELLOW.

plus they had gluten free bread so A+

After lunch, we were ready to head back home and watch football (or in my case, the ninjago movie 😉 ) In the end, I was glad I finally took a day to stop thinking about blogging and celebrate what I’ve done already. Taking a break is something I have to force myself to do, to shut everything off and walk away. Maybe it’s just me, but this one day of looking back and not being worried about what’s next was refreshing for my writer soul.

I don’t want to put my worth in the things that I’ve made. I don’t want my identity to be categorized by the quality of my art. My value’s already been determined, and it’s Christ. As a creative, it’s hard to let go of bad work and remember your place. But, when you do let go? How refreshing!


There are some changes coming to WWF very very soon (*winks hard*), but I realized I definitely can’t do it by myself. After all, you’re what make this site go round, yeah? So, if you wouldn’t mind telling me a bit about yourself so I can help cater to your specific questions, that would be beyond amazing!

This post is a little lot scatterbrained, and I apologize for that! I’ve been hard at work with future content that I, uh *laughs nervously* didn’t think about today’s. Oops. Hope you enjoyed it, anyway!

Sooo… thoughts? Have you ever met an online friend in real life? Are you a Chris Pratt fangirl too?? Be honest, haha. What’s your favorite thing to do to get away from creativity for a while?



23 thoughts on “I Met Blogging Buddies IRL?! // ft. Chris Pratt, 200 Followers & Your Help?”

  1. This was a great post! It’s so great that you got to meet people in real life. 🙂 I know how amazing that feels. (I met some of my friends from my online school in real life and it was EPIC) It’s too bad we live so far apart 😦 If you ever are in Canada, and close to Calgary, please tell!! I would love to see you! 😂


    1. thank you, julia! hehe it was!
      i didn’t know you actually get to know people when you’re in an online school!!??! how did you become friends??
      it’s my lifelong dream to go to canada and IM FINALLY GOING IN MARCH scree unfortunately i’ll be in toronto and working a lot because it’s a mission trip. i would love to mee you irl!! maybe one day 😛 but i love your country by the way it looks awesome

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The school sets up things to do and places that we get the option of going to (or paying to go and do) and we get to meet other people there. We become friends by meeting in class and then emailing. 🙂
        AWESOMENESS! high five Shoot. Well, I hope you enjoy yourself in Toronto! Come to where I live someday! 😛 Thank you; it is really awesome 😉


      2. I do soccer with them during the first and second semester, and gymnastics during the first. (my mom doesn’t like driving in the snow to get there in the second) In grade 7, I went to a dinosaur museum. That was my first year with doing some online school, and I made some friends there. 😉

        Yay!! 😄


  2. Ooh, this was a great post! Meeting up with internet friends sounds like so much fun! YES, people like always stare when you’re taking pictures….I guess it’s not a popular teen thing to do….XD….well too bad….idk anyway….LOL


  3. Great post! So cool that you got to meet some Ydubbers in person – I’m kinda jealous. xD I actually met one of my bestest friends online and we’ve met in person 4 times now. She’s coming over to the UK to spend a month with me next year, and I could not be more excited! Hanging out with people in person that you’ve met online is one of the best things ever!!


    1. Waiiitttt….

      bloody murder scream


      1. IKR AFSHDJBAHSKSJ!!!!! HE TURNED 17 AND I HAD A WAFFLE PARTY IT WAS AMAZING. it was the day the movie came out and during the movie it’s lloyds bday so we count september 22 as his special day 🎉😍
        LOL IM SORRY U MISSED IT. tests are gross 😛


  4. That’s amazing and so exciting! I met my best friend through blogging and we finally met each other June of this year when my family drove up and stayed on her farm for the BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE. Anyway, it looks like you had a wonderful time! Copperhead, TN? Okay, that’s a scary town name. XD But hey, that’s cool you got to stand in two states at once!


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