how to own MORE books for LESS money // + our very first giveaway!!!

We bookdragons love the library.

Why wouldn’t we? I mean, it’s an incredible selection of books for absolutely no cost (unless, you know, you don’t turn it in on time). Seems like the perfect deal to me! I’ve even written a post about the glory of the library and why it should NEVER EVER DIE.

But, dream with me for a minute. Once in a while, we just really want a book that doesn’t have bent flaps or random scribbles or pages stained with unknown fluids. We want a book that is clean and beautiful and ALL OURS PLEASE. How cool would it be to have all those pretty books on one shelf??? cough @paperfury cough

Unfortunately, neither you nor I can spend all our money on these little paper treasure troves.* We need more than just the tears we cry after the death of our favorite characters to survive. So, logically, the only solution we have is to… get CHEAP OR FREE BOOKS.

But where, praytell, do we get these inexpensive books? Wellll, you can find all of that info right here, and maybe even win a free book of your own from our very first giveaway! LET’S GET STARTED, FRIENS.

*we live in caves of solitude and therefore have no income #sorrynotsorry 🙃


buy off a kendle

Although not exactly a real, physical book, Kindle books are much cheaper than any book you’ll find on Amazon by a long shot. So, if you’re not looking for a new addition to your bookshelf and only want a story, Kindle is absolutely the way to go.


alpha or beta read

YAY FOR ALPHA/BETA READING! Again, you won’t be getting a physical copy out of being an early reader, but if you’re just looking for stories to read it’s alright. Reading early does require a little extra commitment, but you do get to share your thoughts with the author, as well as hear their progress, so it’s absolutely worth it in my eyes! Ask around and you’re sure to find a few writers with who need some feedback.


ARCs (advanced reader copy)

Finally, some physical books! An ARC, or Advanced Reader Copy, is an unfinished book sent out to a select number of people to read and review. It’s usually sent before final edits just in case readers find something wrong with it at the last minute.

Now, I’ve never received an ARC before (*NOT SO SUBTLELY SCREECHES FOR ARCS*), but I’ve had friends say mostly good things about the system. Typically, a blogger, reviewer, or anyone with a relatively large audience is given an early reader copy of an unreleased book in exchange for an honest review. It’s super helpful because (a. it gives the author early feedback and (b. fReE aDvErTiSmEnT!!

But it’s also cool because, um, FREE BOOKS. That you get to keep! And physically hold in your hands! You can get a lovely ARC copy by reviewing books thoroughly and honestly on sites like Goodreads and Amazon, as well as by being on the blogosphere and making friends.


small bookstore sales

This is probably the most fun way to get new books: go on a hunt for them in local bookstores! Book sales aren’t hard to find and, with social media, you can discover all the best deals around town straight from your phone.

The only problem with this is that, though there are books are typically not well known, ratty, or generally NOT GOOD. They’re on sale for a reason, you know? But I’ve learned that sometimes there are gems hiding on the shelves if you look hard enough. Be patient, and maybe you’ll find a new favorite to add to your collection!


thrift books

New books are awesome, sure, but don’t underestimate the power of thrift books! Just because a book’s been loved before doesn’t make it a bad story! Secondhand books are (1. cheap, and (2. no worse than any book you would find at the library, so it’s almost like buying a library book.

A few days ago, I learned* about a website called Thriftbooks, which is an online bookstore where you can get used paperback books as cheap as Kendle offers. I mean, the Harry Potter books are all at $3.75 each?? It’s a yes from me.

*from a fellow bookdragon, thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE 😘


book trades with friends

Have a book you wish you could burn? A cover you’d rather never lay eyes on again?? A story that needs to be buried into the depths of the earth?! Trade your books for better ones! Instead of constantly lending books and waiting not-so-patiently for them to be returned, set up a trade.

I think it would be amazing for a group of people to come together and just? trade? books? Everybody gets a new story to enjoy! If anyone’s up for this, let’s do it because when is it a bad time to get new books? haha NEVER.


sign up for giveaways

Here on the blogosphere, we’ve got a lot of opportunities to enter giveaways.

I’m notorious with my friends for never, ever winning giveaways. I may be the only person on earth who’s never won anything..?? But, lucky for me, I don’t have to enter giveaways when I can just host them myself!


I contacted author Christi Whitney a few weeks ago and she was amazing enough to send me a signed copy of her debut novel, Grey! And, to be honest, I was so excited, I nearly cried. THIS BOOK HAS EVERYTHING, YALL. relatable characters? ✔ phenomenal story? ✔✔ pretty cover?? haha you better believe it ✔✔✔

Grey is about Sabastian Grey, a normal kid who is not actually as normal as he thinks. Everything he knows? It’s about to change. And when the girl he’s been dreaming about suddenly shows at school… all hell breaks loose. It’s categorized as YA romance, but I’ve shelved it as si-fi and adventure as well. COME GET THIS BOOK. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.


AHHH. ITS HAPPENING. But I’m more thrilled about the actual book than the fact that I’m giving it away, though. The second book of the series, Shadow, is very high on my top ten books list. I may or may not have cried reading it. *fangirls intensely*

Your turn, love! Are you entering the giveaway? Sorry, I phrased that wrong. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY. This is such a great book I can’t stop gushing over it ajskjh!!! What’s the most expensive book you’ve ever gotten? How about the best book you ever received that was free? Get to answering below!abby

28 thoughts on “how to own MORE books for LESS money // + our very first giveaway!!!”

  1. Darn, I live in Canada! 😂 Also, I never win giveaways either. 😛

    Speaking of thrift stores, there was actually this post I saw recently on that subject… let me find it…

    Okay, so I honestly love this girl’s blog, and her sister’s. They also share one that’s lifestyle, while their own is writing. They’re fun! 😃

    ALSO: YES CAIT HAS A GORGEOUS SHELF. QUEEN CAIT! (I desperately want her book; totally at the top of my Christmas list!! Also the COVER IS GORGEOUS IT SHOULD BE ON MY SHELF)


    1. haha, i was thinking of you when making the giveaway! we can be giveaway jinx together 😥😂
      OK YAY THANK YOU FOR THIS POST?!!! i love thrifting asdfghjkl. thrift all the things!
      oof cait is bookblogger goals 😍 ahh i would love to read her book too!! it look gorgeous and i hear beck is a beautiful cinnamon roll so im basically sold already 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YES THRIFTBOOKS. I love that site! The majority of my books were bought at used bookstores, through Thriftbooks, or through the “used” section on Amazon. I love buying used books and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!
    To answer your questions… the most expensive book I’ve ever gotten was probably a 20-something dollar special edition of a Keeper of the Lost Cities book. As for free books… probably The Giver or The Book Thief (Christmas gifts). 😀 How about you?
    That book looks super cool – I just entered the giveaway! Thanks for hosting it, Abby!

    -Clara ❤


    1. YAY! thrift books are awesomeee! i just learned about the site a week ago and i’m in awe??? such amazing classics are on sale for like 3 dollars 😱 it’s so weird (in a good way!)
      oh my goodness, the book thief!! that’s one of the best books out there! oof it’s on my list to get this year since i loved it so much 😊 um, the best free book i have was probably a christmas gift like yours, when i got the companion book to go with ‘wonder’. it’s so cute!! and aesthetic!! 😂
      WOO COOL! good luck clara! 💙

      Liked by 1 person

  3. YAY! dances I love getting books from bookstore sales or Thriftbooks, though I haven’t gotten much from the latter yet. I also ask for books for Christmas or get them in subscription boxes (though that’s pretty rare). Thanks for the giveaway, Abby! This looks awesome 😀


      1. I got OwlCrate and ShelfloveCrate and loved them both. Tho I prefer OwlCrate. I just decide at the beginning of the month if I like the theme and use it as a gift option so it doesn’t renew and I’m not paying for boxes I don’t want.


  4. Ahh, I love this post dearly. ❤️Thriftbooks is great! I used it once a while ago, but I had forgotten about it until now, but I got a gift card recently that can be used online AND I AM GOING THERE RIGHT NOW TO ORDER BOOKS AND I’M SO HAPPY. Thank you for reminding me of this. Also, I really need there to be a website where we can just trade books with other bookworms. YES PLEASE.


  5. OKAY DUDE ANOTHER FABULOUS POST! seriously I’m in the same book (was going to say boat, but book works better XD) – I LOOOVEE having my own books – I even have built-in desk I turned into my very own library. but the problem for me is MONEY AGGHHH WHY (I mean seriously it’d be so great if people just tossed books out like confetti, wouldn’t that be a dream? but then authors couldn’t make a living so sadly there’d be less books…) ANYWAY yes, I love all of these ideas. I even got a Kindle Unlimited subscription for a month free and AHHH I READ LIKE FIFTEEN BOOKS and it’s not even up yet. Also one thing that ISN’T on this list is library book sales. Check your area for library book sales because they are seriously the best way to buy used books – even cheaper than thriftbooks or used book sales. and they have them all year round. AND THEY HAVE BOX DAY WHERE YOU CAN FILL A BOX FOR $5. the last time I went to a book sale I got so many paperback classics and they were like, $0.25 EACH. I about died. anyway, fantastic post, and I can’t wait to read all the other posts you publish this month!


    1. aww aria, thank you! oh my goodness that sounds so cute!!! but yes money UGH, curse you financial boundaries! WOA OK NOW I NEED TO TRY THAT.
      oh, yeah! tbh my library’s book sales stink so i personally wouldn’t go there but i bet other people’s are great :)) FIVE BUCKS AHGSKFJH. THATS AWESOME. ok can i come live in your library pls 😂


  6. oooooooooooooooooh GIVEAWAY!!
    this is such a great post abby AND BTW I LOVE UR BLOG SO MUCH
    its gOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALS and reaaaally aesthetic.
    also im sobbing tears of joy because someone else in the blogosphere knows what ninjago is
    your weird follower


    1. THANK U AVA AWW. you’re the sweetest aaah!! RIGHT ME TOO! arcs sound so cool and you can give valuable feedback and !!! i just love that.


  7. COOL
    Hey, do you remember those summer reading contests librarys have, that’s where I got my free books 😅

    Oh..and I’m just here to say..




  8. I looooove cheap books. My wallet is pretty empty now because of the #obsession. XD IT’s so true how you can sometimes find the good books in the sale stack—I’ve gotten all but one of my Rebecca Stead books that way and in perfect condition! The most expensive book I ever bought? Nightfall by Shannon Messenger for a full freaking $17.00 and and I was kinda disappointed. D’X But oh well. It’s still looks AWESOME on my bookshelf. XD
    Great post!


    1. SAME SAME. a lot of my favorites are found totally by chance 😄 also rebecca stead is incredibly talented! what’s your favorite from her?
      oof i’m sorry you were disappointed, i totally know what that feels like :/ but at least it’s aesthetic?? 😂 thanks, nicole!

      Liked by 1 person

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