5 legit reasons why you should watch NINJAGO // collab with cat @ a little bit of runion

I admit it. I’m obsessed.

I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that I LOVE NINJAGO WITH A FLAMING BURNING PASSION THAT WILL NEVER END. I wish I could hop into their realm and hug EVERYBODY and never let them go and adopt Lloyd so I can protect him from all danger grrr. But this begs the question: why? Why exactly is a show about plastic ninja entertaining, and why has it managed to hold me in its soul-crushing grasp for two and a half years? Will I EVER stop loving this show?? or will i forever be trapped in the fandom???yep

In the spirit of this endless vortex of a fandom, I teamed up with Cat @ A Little Bit of Runion to talk about our favorite fandoms… and why you who are uncultured in them should open up a little and try them out! That’s right, my friends, we’re going to break down all the reasons why Ninjago is amazing. Prepare for gifs and fangirling.


If I could only say one thing about the show, I’d talk about the characters! No matter how many baddies try to destroy the world or how cool the gadgets and cars turn out, characters are the heart of Ninjago. From Morro to Nya to the infamous mailman, every resident of Ninjago has a distinctive personality that is just so charming. The six ninja have such great chemistry in their ultimate goal to do what’s right and it’s so magical to see played out onscreen.


Even though I love my lightning ninja with all my heart (and we’re both incredibly annoying, over-emotional dorks), I have the closest connection to and most appreciation for Lloyd. The poor boy’s been through so much, but he has such a sweet spirit and endless drive. He’s as Hufflepuff as you can get with his loyal personality and gentle leadership. His sophisticated character makes him my favorite little green bean.plane

the voice actors

  • vincent tong (kai) — ninjago’s resident sassy fire boi and self-proclaimed hottest of the cast.kelly metzger (nya) — sO pReTtY and has the cutest baby girl named Snake Jaguar. seriously.micheal adamthwaite (jay) — he’s such a sweetheart, total DAD FRIEND, and he’s in twilight and planet of the apes so yeah that’s neat.kirby morrow (cole) — i’ve watched his hallmark movie thrice and cried every time. looks gruff and tough like his character,brent miller (zane) — everyone’s favorite person, period. literally couldn’t be more different than zane if he tried.sam vincent (lloyd) — the newest member of the gang and my favorite voice don’t tell anyoneee.

Unlike a lot of shows, the cast for Ninjago is the most dedicated, involved one out there. Every single one of them interacts with fans, does great things for the community, and gives their all for the show. Brent Miller, the voice of Zane himself, has a youtube channel with cast interviews, Q&A, and literally everything a fan could ever want. If that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is.plane

the relationships

WHERE DO I EVEN START AHAHHH. First of all, the ninja team is the best family ever. They’re all little siblings that annoy the heck out of each other. But they also love each other. They’d die for each other. i mean three of them already have sooo There’s not another show with this many close friendships and I’m just. in awe 😍

pixanee ahhh
lookat their smiles eep!!!

There are actual families, too — Kai and Nya, who are the poster children for every sibling-but-also-best-friend relationship ever, Jay’s freaking ADORABLE parents, and, most importantly, the overly problematic Garmadon clan.THERE’RE ALSO THE SHIPS WHICH ARE AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MATTER. You’ve got all the classics: Jaya, Kailor, and Pixane. There’s the triangle between Cole, Jay, and Nya, which is half hysterical and… well, makes you half hysterical yourself. There’s Greenjade, the unstoppable rollercoaster of emotions (IM STILL DYING HELP). And then there’s the true power couple of the show — Cole and his longtime lover, cake. You read that right. The man loves his cake.plane

the adventure

The first thing you probably notice when you watch the series for the first time is the element of adventure.* AND YOU SHOULD. BECAUSE THERE’S A LOT OF IT. These little plastic ninja have quite the time exploring their ever-expanding universe, and even outside of it. Ever heard of ninja in space? Or ninja destroying all logic to realm-hop? WELL NOW YOU HAVE.oof

I think I’ve made it pretty clear over the past year that I’m not much of mammal of action. It’s a pain to sit through fight scenes and chase sequences, and even more of a pain to write them. Ninjago, however, has the exact blend of action and heart to keep me on the edge of my seat.*ooh, ooh, did you get it?? element?? hahaa cheeky


the nostalgia

Ninjago has been a constant in my life since its beginning in 2011 — which means this obsession has been going on for a grand total of eight years. I remember the day we first watched the show, when it was only on its second episode. Even now, the series has the same kind of feel as it did then: a bit of odd comfort in this terribly animated, heartwarming show.REST IN PEACE AAGH


Let’s talk! Have you ever seen Ninjago? How’d you like it??? In fact, tell me everything. Who’s your favorite character, what element would you like to have most, and WHAT’S YOUR OTP? All very important questions. And a small side question, too — how do you feel about the new WordPress formatting? This post is my first experience with it and I have to admit: it’s kind of trippy, and my images are having a hard time adjusting 🤷‍♀️ Comment below!

67 thoughts on “5 legit reasons why you should watch NINJAGO // collab with cat @ a little bit of runion”

  1. cries happily I LOVE NINJAGO SO MUCH! Me and my sisters just started the new season!! Aahhhhh Jay is my favoritest ninja EVER!! I love how you use the GIFs, they’re so cool 😍 😝


    1. EEP YAY!! what do you think about the new season ?!! i absolutely love the new seasons, especially 8 😍 oh my gosh jay is the cutest little thing, i love him 💙⚡ aww, haha, i like them too! makes serious topics much more interesting 🤗 thanks for reading love !!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We haven’t been able to watch a lot recently 😩 But so far it’s good!!! Why isn’t there a theme song though??? 😭 (Or does it come in later?) (I just realized a lot of crying from happiness or sadness is involved with Ninjago 😆)
        Ahh me to!! ⚡️ Season 6 was the besttt for Jay!!
        Yes it does! I’m hoping to come out with a post sometime revolving around Ninjago-it’ll be hilarious! (Hopefully, anyway coughs)


      2. that’s too bad, the new seasons are so good 😭 uuh so the theme song got cut for seasons 8 & 9! nobody knows for sure why they made that desicion, but it’s a sad one 😖
        season six, aahhh!! i cri everytime man! jaya is just too precious
        DUUDE YES I WOULD READ THAT 10000% anticipating shaking

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know!! I must watch more!!
        Whhhattt??? That is SO. SAD! I love their theme songs! They’re so epic! 😭
        I know right, they’re my favorite!
        gaps really??? I gotta go work on it then! I’ll 100% tell you when I post it!


  2. Lol I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a post this quickly. My little brother introduced me to Ninjago, we’ve been watching it since August of last year, and I LOVE it. My favorite character is Cole because I relate to him the most and his friendship with Jay (my brother’s favorite) is like the absolute best ever. And YES to Cole and cake. If I could have any element, I would choose amber or earth.


    1. YAYYYY!!! haha it was sooo fun to write :))) oh my gosh COLE IS SO SWEET AAH. i write stories for him the most by FAAAR he is so great squeee hahah cole x cake for life 😎😂 amber is a good choice dude!! uhh if i had to choose, i’d say water because like it would be fun at the beach and you’d never be thirsty 😉


  3. YAYYYYYY we did it! (And I finally finished and published my post lol)!!! I must say, I have never before even thought about watching Ninjago, but now I’m seriously reconsidering. Good job, your post worked!


  4. Eeeeeeeee Abby the newest Ninjago seasons came out on Amazon prime so me and a couple of my siblings (the Ninjago fans in our family) are watching them!! We’re on the last episode of the eighth season, and it is sooooooooo gooooooooood! STARTS SHRIEKING AND JUMPING AROUND I MEAN CAN YOU BELIEVE IT THAT spoilers BETRAYED spoilers AND spoilers ACTUALLY CAME BACK I AM JUST STUNNED!!
    I thought I would hate the new stuff cuz they made the characters look different but they’re almost my favorite seasons now!! The plot, characters, story, animation, EVERYTHING went a giant step up. Remember the fight scenes in the first seasons? 😂 they were so bad! Now the fight scenes are amazing!!! And I absolutely love in the fight with Lloyd and *spoilers
    how whenever Lloyd got punched his element kinda made a shield for him and his power like crackled around him? That was awesome!! I ABSOLUTELY CANT WAIT TO WATCH MOOOOOORE THE SEASON IS SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!
    coughs okay…Ninjago fan boy over here.
    Oh, and also I’m so glad that they kept Jay the same personality as in the earlier seasons cuz I hated his personality in the movie. bleeeeck!!
    Oh and one more thing. BABY spoilers IS SOOOOOO CUUUUUUTE AND I LOVE HOW THIS SEASON SHOWS COLES SOFT SIDE!! Absolutely priceless! 😃


    1. OH MY GOSH CALEB YES IM FREAKING OUT TOO. SEASON 8 IS SO DARN GOOD I LOVE !!! and the quiet one (u know who wink wink) happens to be one of my favorite characters so if you like her, be prepared for season 9 🎉

      OMG SAME I WAS NOT EXPECTING THE QUALITY BUT LIKE IT’S SO GOOD. i have a gif of one of the fight scenes and i just watch it, memorized 😍 AYYE LLOYD AND HIS POWERS ARE BRILLIANT GOSH I LOVE THIS.

      yES AGREED. he’s actually my least favorite in the movie 🤷‍♀️ what were they thinking with the movie ?? no one knows. OHH MAN IKR. SO GOSHDARN CUTE, WAIT TILL YOU SEE HIM AS A SASSY CHILD AND BROODING TEEN. 😭😁

      Liked by 1 person

        I’m kinda sad at what they did to Jay in this season, cuz I liked him when he freaked out XD but hes still okay.
        But oh man the quiet one really tricked me! I did not think it was spoilers!!!
        Loving season nine! 😛


  5. I just realized something terrible.
    I haven’t followed you since Write Christmas.
    Why have I not followed you and seen all these lovely posts!??!
    Ahem. That has changed, starting now. XD
    Ninjago forever! I watched a lot with my friends way back when, but hehe, obviously haven’t been in touch. I know only enough you get all your references, and yes, you’re totally right, the characters are awesommmeeeeee- I felt sorry for Cole. XD Also for some reason I was really ticked there was no girl ninja in Ninjago, and that may be why I stopped watching. Huh.


    1. aww, jo !! 😭🤗 thank you for following amiga! YAY ANOTHER FAN WOO 😍 yes! cole is the sweetest lil’ muffin he’s so underrated! and i’ll give ya a little spoiler — there might be a few redeeming female characters in later seasons ?? 😉 i was a little upset with the lack of female role models in the beginning but the creators have definitely gotten better at representin’ 🎉

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  6. I FREAKING LOVE NINJAGO! I’m re-watching all the seasons on Netflix right now (I watched all of season three in a day whoops 😂) and once those run out I will stop at nothing else to find where I can binge-watch the others. I love all the characters and the relationships and the PERFECT balance of action and heart. 💕

    How cool you’ve been watching Ninjago since the beginning!! That’s amazing! Also: They recast Llyod’s voice?! Maaaan this I gotta hear

    Also I think your formatting looks stunning as always!



    1. TRY AMAZON PRIME IF YOU HAVE THERE’S SEASONS 1-9 NOW. it’s sooo nice they did that (since netflix decided to be rude and take it down) yeah!! i’m an OG ninja hahah!! YES THEY RECAST BUT IT WAS A GOOD DECISION. the thought was that lloyd grew up a lot in between seasons and now he has a much more suiting voice 💛💛💛

      aww thanks madison 😭🤗 i love hearing from you and um THANKS FOR READING AND SUPPORTING OUT GROWING NINJAGO ARMY 😎

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Abby gives up on subtly fangirling in all her other posts and just writes a post on ninjago
    Soo I’ve seen one of the movies? How many movies are there o-O Is the show on Netflix? As you can tell I don’t remember anything about it 😛 Except for Zane I like Zane 😂
    The first time I used the new editor it was a little trippy and it took my images FOREVAH to upload so I switched back to the old version for that post but now the new one is working fine and it has some fun features.


      the movie just came out in september 2017, but it’s not really the same as the series.. at all? haha! netflix is being a bully and taking ninjago off its listings, but amazon prime has the whole show on demand!
      zane is a precious little bean, he deserves all the love. 😭😍
      yeah same here! maybe they were just getting used to it and fixing bugs at the time? i greatly prefer the classic but one of these days i will switch 😉

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  8. Okay, fine, you convinced me, I’ll try it…..XD out of all the LEGO shows, this was the only one that remotely looked interesting to me anyways, so here we go! (Maybe tonight, I’ll find the first episode.) Great post!


      1. Okay, I ended up watching the first episode, and COLE, MY BABY, WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU??????? <3333 (I think I watched the right first episode: it’s Rise of the Snakes, right?)


  9. lol my blogs all about it (shameless self advertising
    favorite character: lloyd
    element: lloyd’s power duh
    OTP: jaya
    new wordpress formatting: i hate it, cant access html anymore and its so annoying


    1. ALYYYYYCEEEE!! 💛💛💛 yes lloyd is best boy and he deserves every ounce of love in the world 😭
      oof the new formatting is trippy. i think if you go into settings for the block of text it has and option to work with html 🤨 i might make a guide on how to use it after i have the opportunity to sit down and learn it myself. i’ll let you know 😉


  10. Please rise for the song of our people…
    Weekend Whip plays
    Otp…..umm….english (lol sry my brain is ofline at the moment)
    GREENJADE NO NO NO NO THAT GREEN LITTLE BEAN OF FLUFF AND SUNSHINE DOES NOT NEED THAT NO morrumi is more like it hehe…honestly though I actually CAN’T hate Harumi..cause her voice actor (brie i think) works at the Grand Old Opery…and I might work there someday so..
    Fire gonna use that 😂😂
    Omb i hear Kirby on hallmark once and i legit threw my pencil i was so shook
    Yes i like the new font
    Last question stuff: fav char lloyd obviiiiii Element:silver (like gold..only more special less special idk yet) or is nice..

    STORYHELP PLZ: I’m writing a wwii mystery thriller..thing, so, any advice on how to write it really well? Sjould i go history or alternate history?


    1. ooh child… harumi is one of my favorite characters so YEET i am obsessed with her voice actress (her name’s britt and she’s a country music singer!) 😂
      i love hallmark, there are sooo many ninjago actors and actresses in their films!! i cried when i saw vincent tong in a movie once 🙃🙃 fun times
      eep LLOYD! ooh and i think garmadon or wu has some sort of silver element? not sure i’d have to check, haha!
      ooh, historical? i’m nooot too familiar with that genre, but whenever i’ve attempted i’ve taken a lot of creative liberties. but you’re only on draft one so maybe get through draft one and then add as much historical accuracy as needed! ✨😉


  11. I’ve seen the show, all right! It’s amazing to see the character growth, plot development, and worldbuilding through all the seasons. Element wise, I’d probably want to be water shrugs and glances at Nya And don’t ask me about ships. I ship all the ones you mentioned XD

    The blog looks fine! I’m not seeing any major differences 🙂


    1. YAY! i love the plot and world a lot too 💛 water is my favorite element!! you’d never be thirsty again, haha! ooh girl i can’t NOT talk about ships. they’re too precious. too good for life.
      okay, thanks. i’m probably just paranoid. this new WP editor is t r i p p y 😕

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  12. Reblogged this on Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and commented:

    hello, friends! it’s abby franklin here with a quick post — and right on time for ninjago’s eighth anniversary today!! 🎉🎉🎉
    some of you may know i have a personal blog called when words fly. over the weekend, i published a post about a few reasons why, if you haven’t, you should start watching the show. i hope you enjoy this little explosion of fangirling. happy birthday, ninjago! ☀


  13. Reading about the happiness and joy this show brings you is so contagious! I’m glad you found a fandom that means so much to you. 🙂 I think I might just have to watch Ninjago — and I laughed out loud when you called it a “terribly animated, heartwarming show.”


  14. Yes! Ninjago is fantastic! Jaya is much better than Conya. Cole never even had an interest in her until she had one in him. He does need a girlfriend though. I love the sense of family and togetherness that the Ninja display even though most are not related. They are a real team to root for!

    My favorite character is either Jay or Cole, but it is impossible to dislike any of them. I would want the element of either fire or lightning because they are both just plain cool.



    1. AGREED FRIEN. poor cole needs some sort of healthy relationship in his life, even it’s just with his dad. he’s such a tragic boi sob
      YAYYY JAY AND COLE 💛 they’re the best best friends those kids 😭 I 100% AGREE LIGHTNING AND FIRE ARE WICKED COOL! haha! thanks for reading and commenting love!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES! I love that Jay and Cole are best friends!
        Oh, and Cole and his cake… sooooo hilarious. I loved how he was trying to resist cake in season 8 but found it VERY hard. Then in season 9, Jay accuses him of eating it, and Cole responds, “I have given up cake, and my body is a temple!” I love re-watching that part. XD



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