the BLOGGER BOX // writing motivation + candy, yes please

Here’s a question: do you ever find yourself completely, utterly done with blogging? Cuz I do.

It’s a little LOT overwhelming. How one person can balance comments, posts, and social media all at one time… it baffles me, and I’M THE ONE WHO DOES IT. Idk man. It’s trippy.

There have been soooo many days when I just want to abandon blogging forever and spend my days in a cave full of pudding cups, blankets, and a never-ending Ninjago marathon (that wouldn’t be all too bad, actually). But, more often than not, all I need is a little motivation. Which is where The Blogger Box comes in.

A few weeks ago, The Blogger Box sent me one of their amazing blogging subscription boxes to review and BOY DID I FLIP OUT. It’s full of fun blogging goodies that made me want to write a bazillion blog posts on the spot.  I have the honor of showing you what my box included plus a review on the box itself. Let’s get started!


Disclaimer: I received a blogger box in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine!

And here, my friend, is my review of the Blogger Box!


the box contains…

  • a monthly planner (SOO HELPFUL! the whole week at a glance and i love ittt)
  • a felt tip pen (works SUPER well and doesn’t bleed through… perfect for the new planner ✨ )
  • earbuds (my earbuds tend to break all the time, so these are very handy to have!)
  • “ask about my blog” pin (my favorite thing, ever. i don’t even need to explain it just is)
  • sensory toy (storytime: before sitting down to write this post, i had a mini panic attack. a bit of stretching, and i’m good!)
  • socks (!!!!!!!!!! I WEAR THESE EVERYWHERE NOW 😍 )
  • peppermints (much needed stress relievers, in the form of yummy candy!)
  • blogging tips (by the blogosphere’s very own Allison!!)
  • phone stand (super nice for watching videos and scrolling through the ‘gram)
  • desktop background (also by Allison 😉 )
  • thirteen post ideas (can be used for blogging or social media!)


And that’s the box!! Go visit The Blogger Box to get your own little treasure trove of blogging goodies. 🎉 Lots of hugs to Clara, who was so sweet as to send me a box and let me do all this. It’s been a dream of mine to do something like this so it’s almost surreal to have finally crossed it off the bucket list, haha!

Talk to me! What was your favorite item in the box?? I can’t decide between the button and the socks, both are too precious for life 😖😍 Have you ever gotten a subscription box? If you haven’t, I’m gonna not-so-subtly suggest THE BLOGGER BOX!! It was seriously a blast to open and use! Comment below 💛✨


42 thoughts on “the BLOGGER BOX // writing motivation + candy, yes please”

  1. THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD tbh but ahhhh the woes of living outside the US 😦 HOWEVER I’M SO GLAD YOU FOUND IT AWESOME AND HELPFUL AND I’M 100% SURE EVERYONE ELSE WILL TOO. such a good idea!! ;D


  2. THE BLOGGER BOX SOUNDS SO COOL. 🙉I love that it includes socks and the PIN, that is so cute! I’ve never gotten a subscription box, but if I did, I think it’d be this one.

    Also, was there supposed to be a video in this post?! It might just be my computer but I didn’t see one/a link to one.😭And of course if there was one, I want to see it, because this box sounds amazing!


    1. socks are absolutely the BEST part, that and the PIN YES. i’m so glad this is the first one i’ve ever gotten but it also sets a super high standard for every following one 😳
      ALSO YES THANK U THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MENTIONING. i was editing last minute, and for some strange reason it didn’t save my edits?? therefore, unfinished post on my blog. distant sobbing it’s all fixed now if you’d like to see but you helped so much so THANKS LOVE 😖💛☀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I definitely have days where quitting my blog seems like the easy way out!🙋🏼‍♀️😂 Blogging is such a weird mix of wonderful and accelerating + stressful and time-consuming.😂

    The Blogger Box sounds really fun!😊👍🏼


    1. amen sister 😅 you’ve got that exactly right. it’s 50% ‘why am i doing this again?’, 50% ‘I LOVE BLOGGING YAY’, and 100% just insanity 🤷‍♀️😉
      it definitely is !! thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, maddison ☀✨


  4. Omb buttons 😄😄
    I love buttons, when I went into a book store I got one that said “get a spine” on it, too good to pass up 😅 Oh and socks, socks are great, were they silly socks, fluffy socks, plain socks? TELL MEEE 😂


    1. I KNOW RIGHT BUTTONS!! 😍😍 my best friend is OBSESSED so i naturally have a growing collection as well 😉 well now i have a video up that shows the socks (i don’t think it was working last time). they’re cute yellow socks with tiny cacti, they’re adorible and smol and aaahdksjfsdkfjd !! 🤗✨


  5. This subscription box seems so cool! I didn’t even know something like this existed 😂 I think I know what I’m buying this month. Great post as always, Abby!


  6. This post is so much fun — I love the idea of a blogger box! I got a subscription to Scribbler for my birthday and ever since then I’ve been wanting to try new boxes (seriously, give me them all). Thanks for sharing and reviewing this, Abby. 🙂


  7. Oh my gosh, Abby. OH MY FREAKING FLIPPING GOSH. THAT WAS THE BEST VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEEEEN!!! It gave me chills. I am still chilling. (Chilled?)

    I love your style, your voice, your humor, the way you put the video together, legit everything. Even the music was legit just so perfect. Your channel is my favorite channel in the world now and I’ve only seen this one video 😂😂 I’d subscribe in a heartbeat but am not allowed to view videos on the actual YouTube site itself so I can’t. 😭

    breathes heavily and tries to control fangirling

    Also, I am now totally needing a Blogger Box in my life. THIS VIDEO HAS CONVINCED ME. Can’t wait until I get back to blogging so I can aCtUaLlY uSe OnE glares pointedly at health

    You are so inspiring!! Keep at it!!



    1. umm this is like my favorite comment ever. i’m saving this, if you don’t mind. it shall be with me forever 😭
      i am so so SO GLAD you liked the video bc i’ve only just started and i’m just constantly confused on what i’m doing so this is just, man. so much encouragement 😖😍
      UM YES THE BLOGGER BOX IS A WORK OF ART PLEASE TRY IT. and um pls blog again. i need me some updates on your books and Official Author Career. 🤗😂 THANKS LOVE!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AWWW YAY YES OF COURSE SAVE IT 💕 Not gonna lie, the vid inspired me to work on my blogs right away even days later and I legit played it on repeat while I did and also I used it as a reward for getting up out of bed yesterday 😂😂 and I’M GETTING A BLOGGER BOX WOO :3

        WOW REALLY? It seriously seems like you 100% knew what you were doing because that it seriously so amazing 😂

        Aww yay!! 🤗 Yes ma’am, coming back to blogging asap 😂


      2. oh my goodness that is so encouraging to me 🤗✨ AAAH THAT’S SO COOL YAY! you’ll have to tell me all about it when it arrives dude, i’d love to hear your reaction! 🎉
        oof yeah, after you edit a few videos you start knowing what content your really need, but the honest truth is 90% of shooting the video is me staring off into space or laughing at myself 😂 i’m no expert by any means!

        Liked by 1 person

  8. That’s such a good box idea!! I’ve gotten a writer themed box before and it was so helpful to stay motivated (also journals and socks are LIFE) 😍


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