wonderstruck tag // ft. t swift, bookish outrage, and the REAL reason why i ship jaya

I donno about you, but I’m feeling BOOKISH WOOO

Now that I’ve grabbed your attention with that totally-not-stolen lyric, let me enlighten you with an Abby Franklin Fun Factβ„’: I happen to be a Swiftie. As in, a Taylor Swift fan. As in, the most popular musician of the twenty-first century.


Fite me, m8.

Now, this isn’t a fact I’d bring up without the genius of Miss Olivia from Purely Olivia. This lovely soul of a blogger combined two of my favorite things — books and music — to make the Wonderstruck Tag! Basically, we’re going to take prompts from some of Taylor’s greatest hits and highlight our favorite (and least favorite 😳) books.



  • Link back to the creator (OLIVIAΒ YAY)
  • Answer as many or as few of the questions as you’d like.
  • Tag however many people you’d like at the end!

This is a super chill tag (and it’s a blast to write) so plEASE be awesome and give Liv some love because, I mean. Are you kidding me: it’s Taylor Swift + books. This girl’s a 100% original. Go do it. *lightly SHOVES you to her blog*


you’re not sorry
a book that unapologetically broke your heart

You’ve heard about this book from me before (and it’s definitely not the last time you’re going to hear about it *COUGH HINT COUGH*), but A Thousand Perfect Notes deserves all the nominations for this category. Beck. August. JOEY. Honestly, is there any character that isn’t an absolute tragedy? No. No there is not.

If you’ve ever been so shocked you couldn’t cry, that feeling is this book in a nutshell. Well done, Cait, for destroying my soul with this book. You win at everything.


back to december
a book you still think about after you’ve finished

There must be some kind of bookish alarm clock in my head, because I am consistently reminded of The Book Thief on an almost weekly basis. To be fair, it’s almost 90% thoughts of Rudy, who endlessly taunts me because, like… he’s fictional. And from the 1940’s.

(And not particularly in a state where he can really date anyone, for those of us who have read the book. Oof. πŸ˜₯)

oh would you look at that,, another dorky redhead i love. i think i have a type


if this was a movie
a book you really want to see become a movie

Hey, Disney? Would you do us a favor and buy the Warcross franchise? Because that would be the legit COOLEST live action film EVER. Imagine the complexity of the computer animation, the design of the Warcross games and Zero and askffhkjdsl!!! SI POR FAVOR. Make this a thing ASAP.


a book with the most beautiful cover

I’m a simple girl. I like waffles. I like aesthetics. So when you combine the two and show me Tell Me Three Things, I want to surrender myself over to the Book Cover Gods. Take me now, please — this is the most waffle-y cover I have ever encountered and nothing can compare i loooove.

Unfortunately, the cover is both the first and last thing I liked about the book — it was the most predictable novel I have read in my life and I lowkey regret wasting my time?? Nevertheless, that cover still gives me a happy feeling because who doesn’t love waffle representation.


shake it off
a book that gets hate but you still love

After I finished Emergency Contact for the first time, I was a tad upset to see how many people hated the novel. It has a surprisingly low rating and plenty of rant reviews for a nice little story. While I can see where some of these complaints come from and it’s not my favorite book either, the fact that people are so upset with it… bothers me?

GO PENNY AND SAM. YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIES. We might be in the minority, but our opinions are valid and respected !!




never grow up
a book that gives you childhood nostalgia

Abby Franklin Fun Factβ„’ #2: before I got into middle grade, YA, and all the books normal 11-year-olds read, I was a cat-book critic. You know, like those sad, real-life sob-stories about cute cats that end up dying as the big finale and teach the author something important about family? Yep, I read those books like they were the guide to life. If you ever want to read a cat book, I gotchu bro.

My absolute favorite of these books was Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched The World (and good lord is it a mouthful of a title). It was the first ‘adult’ book I read, and the first I ever really cried with. I don’t have the book anymore, but even the name ‘Dewey’ brings me back to when I sat in the corner of my room, sobbing over a dead cat I never even knew. Good times, man, good times.


sparks fly
a book you instantly clicked with

Let’s give some more credit to Olivia, shall we? When I mentioned that I wanted to read A List Of Cages, she immediately DM’d me saying it was one of her favorite books and I should read it. I read it, and two chapters in I knew it was going straight to my favorites shelf. Good call, amiga. You truly are the contemporary queen.


a classic that will never get old

My favorite classic happens to beΒ The Screwtape Letters, which spans the divide between story-based fiction and practical nonfiction PERFECTLY. It’s a pure shame that teenagers aren’t familiar with the book — the only way I knew about it was because I was required to read it for school.

Typically, C.S. Lewis’ works are a lil’ too advanced for my tiny little brain to comprehend, but Screwtape is absolutely perfect for me and oooof I wish more young people would read it!! Go read it, please. It’s incredible please read it.



end game
a book with a romance you love

Abby Franklin Fun Factβ„’ #3 (last one i promise): 99.9% of my ships consist of female characters I relate to and cute, awkward boys on whom I have fictional crushes.


Like, look at this dork. I love him so much. The only thing I ship more than Nya & Jay is Abby & Jay. Jabby.

Having said that, one of my favorite romances is in Save the Date, in which there is the cutest boy you could ever write in YA fiction. He’s a wedding planner. He’s an old soul. And he dANCES WITH CHARLIE IN THE GROCERY STORE ASFFDDJKHGDH. Just his cuteness alone makes them an adorable ship !!


i knew you were trouble
a book you can’t help but become obsessed with


That’s… that’s it. There’s absolutely nothing more to say.


bad blood
a book where you loved the first, but hated the sequel

Alright, this might not count as a sequel but these two books are in the same universe so we’re just gonna ignore the fact that they’re not in a series. Here’s the truth for you:Β Tom Sawyer is incredible. Huck FinnΒ is not.

I think Tom is a great book representing an awesome childhood with adventure, hijinks, middle-school crushes, and a bit of mystery (well, uh, i didn’t witness a murder as a kid but idk you never know). Huck …. what even is that book?? I legit have no idea what was going on. Needless to say, Tom Sawyer is vastly superior to its successor.


i tag…

hannah @ crafts of all seasons

anika @ anika walkes


Aaand that’s the tag! Hopefully, I have satisfied my fellow Swifties, and if not… uh, hope you had some satisfaction in reading. If you’re not a fan, thanks for sticking with the post for a bit. Taylor’s songs are worth a listen, though. *gently SHOVES*

Time to TALK, y’all.Β What’s your favorite T Swift song? I adore All Too Well because it’s just like a great mix of story and song and i love it eep! Do you agree or disagree with any of my points?? Any Emergency Contact haters out there? Because if so prepare to battle. Comment below, frien’!


37 thoughts on “wonderstruck tag // ft. t swift, bookish outrage, and the REAL reason why i ship jaya”

  1. SCREWTAPE LETTERS! I love that book! dies And those Ninjago gifs. XD XD I haven’t heard any Taylor Swift in forever but I do like Mean. πŸ™‚ Is that even a song- I did think it was when I last checked. πŸ˜›


  2. I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan, but I really love some of her older songs (like Mean). Yes! The Screwtape Letters is such a unique book, both fiction and nonfiction at the same time almost. And The Book Thief is so good! I don’t read a lot of historical fiction, but that one is way at the top of my list of all the books I have read. #jabby I SHIP IT.


  3. Hi Abby! i absolutely LOVE LOVE LUUUVVVV End Game, King of my Heart, and basically like anything from “Reputation”. and I like your book choices! harry potter nuff said lol. I’d have to say that my books in order of the tswift songs would be 1.Mockingjay 2. ALL OF THEM! 3.Detectives in Togas (i always read this book in elementary school) 4. Lost in a Book 5. don’t really have one lol 6. harry potter 7. Hunger games 1 8. Harry potter (again!) 9. Hunger games 1 (again lol) 10. The book thief 11. Don’t have one πŸ˜€


  4. RUDYYYY 😭😍 😭 my boyy <333 the spoiler chapter? that was just cruellll -_-
    Yesss screwtape letters :DD I had to read it for school too. Super great book.
    Ooh I just read Tom Sawyer the other week! I loved it. I don’t know if I’ll ever read Huck Finn, we’ll see xD
    Awesome job with this tag!


  5. AHHH SCREWTAPE (honestly I can pull so many good roasts from that book πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚) Have you read the Great Gatsby or the Glass Menagorie?
    And swifties yaass, bad blood and shake it off are lit..
    But1Disbetterdon’thatemecauseilooveiteventhoughswiftisgoodtoookbye πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚


  6. AHHH I love this tag and I love Taylor Swift and your answers are PERFECT, too. A Thousand Perfect Notes just broke my heart, it was such a good book, but poor Beck 😦
    And Warcross, now that would be an amazing movie, I agree. I really need to read the sequel someday πŸ˜‚
    I 200% agree about Emergency Contact, I personally loved this book with all of my heart, such a great book and I love Sam and Penny SO much. ❀


    1. ANOTHER SWIFTIE YEAAYY! oh my gosh, ATPN just shattered me, i can’t wait to talk about it more! did you ever do a review on it? i can’t seem to recall πŸ˜– but YES. beck deserves all love. yeah, warcross would be so neat on the big screen! endgame is alright as a sequel, it’s got a completely different feel to it than the first, but they wrap up the story well, so i’d say go for it 😊 aww sam and penny are sweet kids ✨😍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This book was just, it made me so sad and emotional and ughhh I loved it!
        I’m glad to hear they wrap up the story well, I’ll have to give it a try! πŸ˜€


  7. You know, I’ve heard about the Screwtape letters, and I’m beginning to think I really need to read it. And A Thousand Perfect Notes seems to be constantly brought up around the blogosphere so maybe I should just hurry up and get it????
    Sighs at least I’ve FINALLY read Nadine Brandes’ books (since those were the last books everyone was screaming about XD).

    Ps. I’ve been needing to ask someone who’s read it, SO, I’ll ask you (You should feel very honored XD). Does a Thousand Perfect Notes contain any “inappropriate” content, or bad words?


    1. ABSOLUTELY!! it is an amaaaazing read and so fascinating. and umm a thousand perfect notes is one of my new favorites so if you have a chance, do read it!

      as far as content goes, i don’t recall there being any profanity or inappropriate content, but the book is centered around mental abuse and contains one somewhat graphic scene. i do have a full review coming out here on the blog for it on the 15th!

      gulps i haven’t read nadine’s books yet, man. trust me, i’m still trying to catch up to all these crazy book trends too!


  8. ok i respect your opinion but

    deep breath


    collects self

    I mean. Other than that, cool books – they might be going on my TBR!


  9. I LOVE EMERGENCY CONTACT AND WILL PROTEC SAM AND PENNY WITH MY LIFE. Also they like bonded over their first meeting which involved donuts afkldsadj how can anyone not love them. I love them. Looooove them. Ahem anyway also: I would just like to say you’re welcome for the trauma that is ATPN. 😌😘(Is it weird to have me reading this?? omg I hope not!!! sends you waffles to make up for it because they are indeed the best)


    1. AJASDDFKKL THE SWEET DOUGHNUT CHILDREN, what’s not to like about them?? πŸ˜­πŸ’› haha well thank you for crushing my heart and soul in record-breaking time, i appreciate your thoughtfulness … and NO it is NOT weird for you to read this, in fact i’m flattered 😊✨ i’m still taking the waffles though takes and holds them protectively


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