8 (more) bookworm stereotypes // ft the infamous SURVEY™ (GIVEAWAY WINNER)

We’re back at it, guys. Stereotypes, volume 2.

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post called ‘8 Writer & Bookish Stereotypes.’ To be blunt, it was terrible. Awful. It deserves to be buried under my TBR, because we all know once you’re at the bottom of the TBR pile, you’re never coming back. You catch my drift.

However, the number of bookish stereotypes is much greater than eight, and it’d be a shame not to take advantage of that fact. So, here we are with eight more bookish stereotypes, plus another bookish survey to debunk or approve the common assumptions. Also included at the end of today’s post is the winner of our A Thousand Perfect Notes giveaway, so let’s jump right into the stereotypes!

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our dream jobs are always book-related

It always seems like the bookish community survives by two things: reading and writing. Well, coffee too, but that’s beside the point. We live and breathe words, so, it’s only natural to be drawn to them when choosing a career. Plenty of book lovers dream of working at their favorite bookstore or library, or even writing or editing books for a living.

While these jobs are admittedly flippin’ cool (and quite the bookish aesthetic if I do say so myself), books and dream careers don’t typically… mesh. Sure, there are plenty of bookworms who dream of being published, and that’s awesome !! But, besides that, I personally have never heard any of my bookish friends trying to score jobs at libraries or Barnes and Noble.

does this apply to me??

NO! My dream jobs are to work at Disney World and to be a voice actor. Last I checked, neither really involved books. Like, at all. 🙃 Though working part-time at a bookstore would be so fun, I’ve already got a great job and I think I’d like to keep it, lol


we are bad 👏 at 👏 math 👏

There are typically two sides of a coin in school: you’re either a math person or an English person. you cannot have both, and that is just how the world works. Maybe it’s because these two subjects are so opposite that word-minded readers can’t grasp number-oriented math.

readers @ anyone who gives us math

Though it’s only meant as lighthearted speculation, it’s my opinion that the bad-at-math stereotype not only isn’t true in some cases, it’s not a very uplifting thing to say, either. No, we’re not good at math. Yes, we don’t like it. But we’re trying !! Cut us some slack, dude.

does this apply to me??

Unfortunately, yes. Issues with math has been an Abby staple from the beginning. It just does not stick in the ol’ brain…?? I can knock out a 10 page essay in five days if you want, but give me a math page and everything on earth implodes. Help me.


when we’re not reading, we’re writing

Since readers are in a never-ending love affair with books, it doesn’t shock anyone that a large number of book-dragons also create their own words. That means books, blogs, pamphlets, billboards … all those things that hold words, you know? We love them.

But, we sometimes take out of consideration that some readers like to read, and that’s it. Just like how some people love music, but don’t play or sing. It’s not a hard concept !! Non-writer-readers are especially awesome because they don’t have any deadlines to hit. They just read. Call me jealous. 🙃

does this apply to me??

Sure! I don’t write fiction much anymore besides the occasional short story, but I do write nonfiction for this blog and otherwise. So, yeah, I do hang out with Word editors quiiite a bit.



We all have a grammar nazi friend. You use the wrong ‘your once and they correct you like the pretentious little reader child they are. What a bunch of sticklers, right??? It’s like they have a neverending thirst to just… grammar correctly. For all eternity. They’re insane.

me tho

The honest truth is that a lot of readers don’t consider grammar to be of much importance. The story is what really matters, so if the grammar isn’t unbearably bad, we can pull through and hold our tounges.

does this apply to me??

lol nO !!! Incorrect grammar does irritate me a little — when the human race learns the difference before too and to, the world will never know — but I don’t go out of my way to correct others. You do you, friend.


we adore harry potter

Harry Potter is like the holy grail of bookish delight. We’re all familiar with the golden trio, Voldemort, and the rest of the Wizarding World. Recently, the Potter fandom had a bit of a revival, and now it’s  e v e r y w h e r e. But ESPECIALLY in the bookish community.

Often, I’ll say I’m a bookworm, and the person I’m talking to brightens and says, “Ooh, do you like Harry Potter?” And.. uh.. i guess?? What’s your point? Just because I say I like food doesn’t mean you should assume I love pizza. Because I do not. Sorry, Kenzie. But, you catch my drift; not all bookworms love the same books.

does this apply to me??

I’d say yes. I wouldn’t call myself Harry Potter trash or anything, but I am hUFFLEPUFF PROUD MY DUDES HUFFLEPUFF PROUD. There are certainly better books out there, but the series is pretty genius.


we don’t get stuff done because #READING

Reading is more important than all other activities in the life of a reader. School can wait for at least one more chapter. Sleep? What’s that?? There are books to read!! A good book beats any small activity planned, really. And, yeah, the book is usually better than what you were supposed to be doing.

There are ways this isn’t true, too, though. You can love your work and spend your time getting things done. Then, on your weekend, you can have a whole day off to read instead of when you should be doing homework. Whatever your priorities are, really!

does this apply to me??

Nope!! I happen to be the opposite. Often, I’m in the mood to be productive and get some work done. And then I … forget … to read… *cough* I’M WORKING ON IT. But, no, I’m a good little student and do my work first.


“the book was better”

It’s on t-shirts, mugs, and every reader’s lips as they walk out of a theatre. It is true, most of us do prefer books to movie adaptions, for a multitude of reasons. It could be that some plot points were removed, maybe some characters were not represented well, or maybe the movie was just, rEALLY BAD. I’m looking at you, Percy Jackson.


BUT! Movies do bring the story to life in a way the books can’t. You’ve got the magic of a visual and audible world you’ve only been able to imagine before. There’re so many small details that combine the images on the screen to a book you’ve loved.

does this apply to me??

NOOOO. There are several book-to-movie adaptions where I preferred the movies to the books — a few notable ones are Maze Runner, How To Train Your Dragon, Pride and Prejudice, and the later Harry Potter movies.


we have 493798720 books

Everybody knows that to be a true book addict, you need a ginormous, library-esque shelf to impress your fellow readers. And, to go along with it, you need… BOOKS! LOTS OF BOOKS. HUUUNDREDS OF BOOKS. They should all be clean and lined up in color order* and beautiful and … books !!

bIG MISCONCEPTION ALERT. I’m not even going to be neutral on this assumption because no, no, no no no. We are broke, okay? I know it’s hard to believe, but bookworms sometimes use this neat little place called the library. The large majority of us buy e-books or borrow instead of buying physical book copies.

does this apply to me??

yES ACTUALLY. I am SO LUCKY to be blessed with a bunch of my own books to read and enjoy !! Most are school books, meaning I don’t get to keep them forever, but they’re awesome and I’m going to read them as much as I can until I can’t anymore 🙂

*guilty as charged ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


At the end of the first edition of this post, I did a little survey asking your standin gon each assumption, just for the fun of it. Today, we’re gonna see how many of these stereotypes hold true by asking a bunch of readers… yall!! Take the survey below!

Two weeks ago, I reviewed C. G. Drew’s A Thousand Perfect Notes and hosted a giveaway for a copy of the book. After sticking a bunch of entries in a hat (because we’re just that extra here,) the results are in!!

the winner of a thousand perfect notes is ……










⭐ !!! Audrey Caylin !!! ⭐

CONGRATS AUDREY! I’ll email you with all the details within 24 hours 😊 Enjoy this gorgeous book and brilliant story, amiga! 💛

Talk to me! What reader stereotypes annoy you the most? Hard to choose, I know!! Which is most true and most false for you? Do you wish we would have less stereotypes, or are they okay to keep around? Comment below !!


14 thoughts on “8 (more) bookworm stereotypes // ft the infamous SURVEY™ (GIVEAWAY WINNER)”

  1. MATH coughs I’m told I’m good at it, but there’s a different to being good at something versus liking it XD This was such a fun post! ❤

    (And I can’t believe I won the giveaway… eeeeee that’s never happened to me before! Thanks for putting it on, Abby! 😀 )


  2. “Maze runner, How to train your dragon, pride and prejudice-”
    squeels in instant delight
    YAAASSSSSS HTTYD GIIRRLLL YAASSS have you seen httyd3 yet, I cRiEd there’s too many fEeLs😢😢


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