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i’m leaving . . .

hello my friends!! i decided last minute that today’s post is going to be a bit off the cuff. we’re gonna be real chill and homey and whatnot. so, *sits criss-cross applesauce on the floor* hi. come join the circle.

this paticular post has been creeping up on me for the past few weeks and, let me be honest — i really, really didn’t want to have to write this. i don’t want to have to do this. let me cut to the chase:

i’m leaving.

w_ text (3)

(don’t worry, it’s not like that. i’ll explain with a mini life update)

you may have noticed a few posts back that i was hired for my very first job – namely, a local tea parlor. although tea is the worst liquid substance to be on earth, i LOVE this job. it has taught me so, so much in the limited time i’ve been there about entrepreneurship, running a business, the food industry, and customer service. and, best part is, my social anxiety has lessened !!!! 10/10 recommend.

but with all these upsides, there’re also a few… not-so fun things. like freaking out on thursday night when there’s no post ready for friday morning. like being too overwhelmed to read friends’ posts and answer comments.

like thinking of my blog as a chore and not a passion.

for that reason, i’m going on hiatus (cue sighs of relief). a few-months-long hiatus, like, i don’t know when i’ll be coming back. but, don’t you worry. i WILL be back. in the meantime, i fully intend to keep reading & commenting on your blogs, as well as replying to any emails or comments 😊

so, there’s that. but i also have a bit of an announcement?? like, a big one?? because i won’t be completely away from blogging in this time.

i… well, i started a different blog.


this fancy new site was initially for my eyes only, but i thought yall might appreciate it, too. it’s basically a mini journal with random thoughts, song lyrics, photo dumps, and any idea that knocks. here it is, friens:

/// sundrops & starlight ///

go check me out and, like, follow. if you want.

you can also find me on instagram (i post pretty pictures & sometimes i’m funny too) and see all the kewl stuff i’m going to be documenting during my blogging break, including:

  • college !!
  • ninjago !!
  • working !!
  • my sweet 16 !!
  • visiting canada !!
  • my steadily growing coffee addiction !!
  • and much more !!

hopefully, i’ve made my intentions clear (and not totally thrown you by the lowercase lol). no matter how much i hate to leave, it’s definitely for the best. have the best spring ever, and, no matter what happens, keep pursuing your passion. you got this, love.

thanks a million, and see you this summer ! ☀


btw im writing a book shh

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