hello, sunshine // introduction + q&a

hello, friends !!! long time no see, right? it’s been a long time but !! i have returned to blogging !! but.. not here
(yes, it is panic time.)
after a lot of consideration and breaks to stress-binge ninjago, i finally decided to swap blog locations and try something a little different. this post should explain everything. so yeah, i guess it’s time to introduce you to sunshine soul !
(oh and like follow and stuff, too. that helps a lot. love youuu)

sunshine soul

well, here we are, everybody. welcome to sunshine soul! after months without blogging, i’m finally back on the grind with new posts every week… but, as you probably have figured out by now, at a new location. how fancy, huh?

if you are an OG and followed when words fly, i love you and welcome back !! but if we haven’t formally met, my name’s abby, and i’m a dreamer who’s only slightly obsessed with writing and yellow. you can read a bit more about me here.

there are undoubtedly a few questions that need answering, so!! we’re going to do a quick q&a!! *fingerguns*

Untitled design

why start a new blog ?

starting this march, i took a break from blogging to just kinda breathe. my goals and priorities had shifted so much in the past few months, and i’d even taken my first job. taking a rest from blogging…

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