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skyboundAfter saving the world countless times, Jay and the rest of the ninja team have finally begun to get the attention they deserve. But fame won’t save them from their newest enemy: the infamous pirate djinn, Nadakhan, who seeks revenge after the realm of the djinn is destroyed.

As if power-hungry pirates aren’t enough, Jay is faced with a shocking discovery about his past, a feud that must be put to rest, and a chance to finally claim the love of his life. The future is slowly unfolding before his eyes, in the worst ways possible… but can he find a way to make it right?

draft 1 finished. NaNoWriMo Winner, 2017, 50k+ words.



Aria, a teenage girl living in the early seventeenth century, longs to be a playwright and actor in her father’s troupe. Women aren’t allowed to do such things, but that doesn’t hold Aria back. She decides to dress as a boy and follow her dreams anyway.

As her troupe’s popularity grows, Aria thinks her life is perfect… until she meets Rory Dunham and realizes that she’ll have to choose between her lifelong dream and the man she loves.

Aria learns that, even through the greatest tragedy, love will mend a broken heart and family will never fail.

draft 1. 2017, 14k words.

revere trilogy book 1


Twelve-year-old Revere is nothing but a street kid with a fishing pole and a knack for stealing. Or, that’s what he thinks, at least, until he’s caught and brought to a secret underground school called the Force.

Revere is delighted with his twist in fate… but he’ll have to give his all if he wants to prove himself worthy of his salvation.

*Still in outlining stages*

outlining. 2018, estimated 30-40k words.

the ninjago hunger games


Cole Bucket. District 12.

Jay Walker. District 5.

Zane Julien. District 3.

Kai and Nya Smith. District 2.

Lloyd Garmadon. Capitol.

Six lives, each one totally different from another, intertwine in the deadly annual event, The Hunger Games, where only one can remain.

(Just me having some fun and letting my ninja go crazy with drama xD)

draft 1. 2018, 15k+ words