The Young Writer’s Workshop


What is the Young Writer’s Workshop?

The Young Writer’s Workshop is an online community and growing vault of resources dedicated to helping teens grow in their writing. With its exclusive interviews, tips and tricks, guides, Q&A’s and more, YWW (dubbed ‘Y-Dubs’) is helping hundreds of young people reach their dream of publication!

Dozens of Ydubbers are already published on sites like The Rebelution, Kingdom Pen, and The Gospel Coalition, and several have even published their own work. Not only do students learn about the ins and outs in the writing world, but they also get to connect with other young writers in the YWW Community and Facebook groups.

Why should I join?

I have been a student of YWW since January 2017. My writing life and quality have improved drastically within one short year. Not only that, but I have so many new friends. These people have my back when I have a question, and are always happy to give advice.

Watch my interview with co-founder Brett Harris (and a super cute Ydubs family video) here!

What if I’m not interested in writing as a career?

Guess what? I’m not sure I want to write for a living. There are other things I’m pursuing, this blog being one of them. But it is something I love to do, and something I want to learn more about. Because of that, I use and love YWW.

How much does this thing cost?

Actually *toothpaste-ad smile* the Young Writer’s Workshop is a pay-what-you-can program! If you can pay, the price is $30 per month (and, trust me, friend, it is well worth it.)

Registration will open again this Summer!