request a book review

If you are an author, I would be absolutely thrilled to review your book and help introduce it to the world! ๐Ÿค—

Reviews include my honest opinion, detailed, non-spoiler reviews, and any links requested, as well as any extra information you’d like. I do have the right to turn down requests that do not align with the guidelines and/or don’t line up with my morals.


i will review:

  • contemporary
  • historical fiction
  • fantasy
  • dystopian
  • romance
  • mystery

i won’t review:

  • books containing outright profanity, sex, or violence
  • books containing explicit graphic scenes including violence, rape, self-harm, etc.
  • books suitable for audiences 16 and over (my target audience spans ages 12 to 24 so PG-13 at the highest is a must)
  • f/f or m/m romance
  • horror


contact me

Please send your request through email at