Blogging Expectations Vs Reality

Dude… I just gotta say it. Blogging is no walk in the metaphorical park.

There are so many things you have to worry about. Stats. Reader feedback. Graphics. Post quality. SEO. And all the other stuff that takes forever to sort out.

But sometimes for some reason, we enjoy fluffing it up in our minds. Like, you know those times where you overestimate your abilities or an outcome? But then life turns around and says lol nope!!1! and you end up looking back at your work, asking yourself what happened. And, what’s more, almost every blogger goes through it.

But our expectations in the first place? Usually, they’re so outrageous and overachieving that I can’t help but laugh.

So, to end this (long) intro, let’s take a look at some ridiculous expectations we set for ourselves – and of course, their realistic counterparts 😉


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