5 legit reasons why you should watch NINJAGO // collab with cat @ a little bit of runion

I admit it. I’m obsessed.

I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that I LOVE NINJAGO WITH A FLAMING BURNING PASSION THAT WILL NEVER END. I wish I could hop into their realm and hug EVERYBODY and never let them go and adopt Lloyd so I can protect him from all danger grrr. But this begs the question: why? Why exactly is a show about plastic ninja entertaining, and why has it managed to hold me in its soul-crushing grasp for two and a half years? Will I EVER stop loving this show?? or will i forever be trapped in the fandom???yep

In the spirit of this endless vortex of a fandom, I teamed up with Cat @ A Little Bit of Runion to talk about our favorite fandoms… and why you who are uncultured in them should open up a little and try them out! That’s right, my friends, we’re going to break down all the reasons why Ninjago is amazing. Prepare for gifs and fangirling.

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How To Bingewatch Like A Pro Because Obviously I Am One

Fact about me: I like Ninjago.



And since this show isn’t on TV on any specific time or channel, watching it is a semi-big deal. I’m sure you guys know at least one show like this; it’s fantastic, but you can never find or watch it.

So, imagine my delight when I find SIX SEASONS OF NINJAGO ON AMAZON PRIME. And my further delight when I have NOTHING TO DO FOR A WHOLE WEEKEND.

But how do you bingewatch right? I mean, you can’t just sit on the couch and watch your favorite show/movie in the whole world. That’s unheard of in my book.

Since I’m OBVIOUSLY the master at everything related to fandoms, I’ve come up with a guide for you normal people to have the best movie night ever and be the coolest bingewatcher on the block.



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